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The Preuss Mentor Program

No description

Volunteer Coordinator

on 2 June 2017

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Transcript of The Preuss Mentor Program

The Preuss School Mentor Program
Mentors are caring adults who have a desire to listen, encourage, guide, and inspire. They are committed to developing a supportive relationship with a Preuss student to help him or her achieve personal and academic goals.
What is a Mentor?
A person who is a positive, guiding influence in another (usually a younger) person's life.
Are any of the following statements true about you?
• Ability to communicate with students openly and comfortably;
• Strong listening skills;
• Interest in the concerns of first-generation college-bound students;
• Knowledge of the college preparation process;
• Practical problem-solving skills and ability to suggest options and alternatives;
• Sensitivity to persons of different educational, economic, cultural or racial backgrounds.

Who can apply to become a mentor?
If you answered "yes" to any of the above statements then mentoring may be for you.
Applicants must be older than 21 years and older or 3rd year university students.
To Apply
Visit The Preuss School website at

1. Click on mentors
2. Complete the online application
a. applications are reviewed once a week
b. you will receive an email stating your application was accepted or denied.
3. Schedule a TB test with your provider.
a. All volunteers require a TB test no older than 60 days from the date of application.

What happens next?
If your application is accepted, you will receive a phone call to schedule a mentor interview.
How long does it take to become a mentor?
Approximately 60 days from submitting the application to meeting your mentee.
Are there any additional requirements before becoming a mentor?
A one hour online training regarding the CANRA Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act
Live Scan/Background check
Reference Check
Contact the Volunteer Programs Coordinator at
or by phone at (858) 822-0020
Program Logistics
Meet with mentees on The Preuss School Campus
Mentoring sessions are 30-45 minutes once a week
Minimum one-year commitment
Attend Quarterly Meetings
E-mentoring is another component of the program. This allows mentors and mentees to communicate via email, Skype/FaceTime, phone calls, and text when they are not able to meet on campus or during vacation periods.
“Come into it with an open mind and understanding that it isn’t about knowing everything or even giving great advice. It’s about listening, asking good questions, and seeing where things are meant to go from there.”
Mentor Quote
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