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Out of Africa

No description

Melissa Haganey

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of Out of Africa

modern humans evolved relatively recently in Africa
replaced all populations that decended from Homo erectus Out of Africa Migration Mitochondrial DNA used to construct evolutionary trees
inherited from mother
present in large numbers in each cell Hypothesized Route Fossil Evidence note the differences! Mitochondrial DNA research suggests the existence of a "mitochondrial Eve" and a "Y-chromosomal Adam". Fossil findings support the "Out of Africa" theory. Originally from Africa, modern Homo sapiens spread to Eurasia. Archaeological
evidence tells us that
modern Homo sapiens did not directly descend from Neanderthals, but that
they shared a common ancestor. Recent findings have set Mitochondrial DNA research in motion, and although it is still in its "infancy", research is well underway. DNA and Archaeological evidence support the theory that modern Homo sapiens migrated to Europe and Asia, and eventually the rest of the globe.
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