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DaMar Dowell

on 17 October 2016

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Transcript of Dowell_DaMar_Degrees

History of Recorded Music
Degrees of Separation
Justin Beiber to Kraftwerk
DaMar Dowell
Born incredibly musically inclined, Justin Beiber was dicovered on Youtube through his many postings. From their he released his debut album "My World". The album went either platinum or double platinum in various countries. Since he has been an international success touring all over the world. His latest album "Purpose" was another poupular release.
One of the people responsible for discovering Justin Beiber was L.A. Reid. In the early 1980's LA Reid teamed up with Kenneth "babyface Edmunds to begin producing hits fot the likes of Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, Boyz II Men and Paula Abdul to name a few. In all they produced 33 number one hits, winning 3 grammy's. Later in his career Reid became the head of Def Jam Music Group and later the Head of Epic Records
L.A. Reid produced several songs for R&B and Pop star Mariah Carey. In 1990 signed with Columbia records and released her debut self entitled LP. The album had 4 number singles and went on to great success. Carey dethroned the beatles having the most cumulative weekd spen on top of the Billboard top 100. In 2001, Carey signed an $80 million recording contract with Virgin, the largest to that point.

Ben Margulies was one of the musicians for the Comateens. He's actually featured in the above video. The group formed in 1978 and released their debut self entitled album in 1981. The album became a cult favorite among college hipsters, especially the band's remake of “The Munsters Theme". Their debut album also featured a cover of David Bowie's TVC 15
On Mariah Carey's first album, Ben Marguiles co-wrte with Mariah Carey on nearly the entire album. Songs like "Vision of Love", "I don't wanna cry", "Someday" and "Vanishing". Marguiles met Carey through a mutual friend and also helped her get a back up singing job with Brenda K. Starr. The two then went on to write the majority of Carey's self entitled successful debut.
One of the greatest influences on Bowie in the 1970's was the group Kraftwerk. He desperately tried to collabertate with them, but it never happened. In the mid 1970's Kraftwerk had international success with their release of "Autobahn". An article was written by Jude Rogers parising Kraftwerk for their importance and declaring that they are the most influential band the world has ever known.
Ben Margulies
Justin Beiber
L.A. Reid
Mariah Carey
The Comateens/David Bowie
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