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Denitsa NIkolova

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Ch22

Assesment Payroll deductions- employer deducts money from employee's paycheck for government programs

Worker's compensation- payment into an insurance fund that compensates employees for injuries they sustain on the job Vocab Duties owed to employees:
*Reasonable treatment- employer must treat employees properly or they can quit
*safe working conditions- if there is not a safe working environment, employee may quit
*fair labor standards- FLSA- requires minimum wage and maximum hours for most employees Duties of employers and employees Payroll deductions- employer takes out money from employees paycheck to cover federal and state income tax as well as insurance.

Military service- Acts that state if someone is on leave due to military duty they are reinstated to same rank and pay in their work.

Voting- workers must be given enough time to vote in federal and state elections

family and medical-employer must grant up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave with job protection for personal matters

duties owed to minors- laws protecting minors from overextended hours and dangerous working conditions. based on: children's duty is education; certain work is dangerous;child labor at low wages takes jobs from adults What's Your Verdict? Armstrong leaves due to military duty, her job is given to another>>> Should she be able to regain her job? What's your verdict? FLSA does not apply to youths working as movie actors. Group 4 Ch 22 pg409-410 Yes , she is legally entitled to her old job, due to federal military service acts Socows father was an operator of a backhoe.fro three summers, his father trained his son to operate backhoes.socow is 14 years old he applied for a job with a local construction firm as a backhoe operator but was turned down because of his age. Did the company act legally? yes the company acted legally because of his age he is not allowed to operate the heavy machinery and the work would be harmful towards the kid. true if state laws designed to protect minors have stricter requirements than federal laws, the federal laws still prevail. false
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