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Help n' Seek

app like foursquare, but for non-profits

Marquina Iliev

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Help n' Seek

Help n' Seek - an app for non-profits by Marquina Statement Product Specifics Audience Details http://www.helpnseek.com/help.php Help n’ Seek is a cross between a friend-finder, a social activism city-guide and a ‘real life’ volunteer-related game that rewards you for helping out in the community.

We aim to build things to not only help you keep up with the volunteer locations your friends go, but that encourage you to discover new places and challenge you to explore your neighborhood and help the community in new ways. Introduction What has happened in the past?
- foursquare as a model

How are we similar/different?
- encouraging local activism

How can this project expand?
- Now in NYC. In other cities soon. When you tell helpn’seek where you are volunteering, that's called "checking-in".

You can check-in from parks, bars, museums, restaurants... really anywhere where there is a volunteer-related activity happening.

When you check-in we'll let your friends know where they can find you and award you points and badges based on your adventurousness and activism. The Help n’ Seek apps for iPhone use GPS to show a list of nearby volunteer locations.

To check-in, just choose the name of the location (non-profit or establishment where a non-profit event is held) you're at from this list of nearby places.

If we don't have the place you're looking for you can always add it to our listings.

Don't worry, helpn’seek doesn't know where you are unless you check-in to tell us your location. What is a check-in?

How does helpn’seek know where I am? If you've been to a place more than anyone else we'll crown you the "The Diplomat" of that place.

We see lots of non-profit organizations, as well as their well-patronized local bars and cafes now offering "Diplomat Specials" - a free coffee or appetizer or maybe a special discount.

Watch out though - once someone else checks-in and volunteers more often than you, they can steal the "Diplomat" status back from you. What is "The Diplomat" all about? Badges are little rewards you earn for checking into volunteer locations.

For example, if you stay out late on a school night to help clean up after a charity or frequent a soup kitchen, you will receive badges. How do I earn points?

* +5 points for your first time checking-in at a volunteer location
* +5 points for adding a new volunteer location or venue
* +1 point per volunteer or activism-related check-in, increasing by 1 point with each check-in thereafter (e.g., your 1st checkin of the day is +1, 2nd checkin of the day +2 points, etc) Points Badges Who is this for? You! (or, anyone with a phone) Actually, we're targeting volunteers first Screenshots What is Help n’ Seek?
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