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Scarlet-The Lunar Chronicles

My Book Project for Mrs.Silvas's class

Seneca Smith

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Scarlet-The Lunar Chronicles

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Scarlet-The Lunar Chronicles

By Marissa Meyer

Genre: Science Fiction/Fanasty

Presented by Seneca Smith
Period 1

About the Author
As a child, Marissa Meyer's favorite toy was a soft, squishy, plush book and she knew she wanted to be a writer as soon as she learned there was such a profession. A young enthusiast of fan fiction, Meyer began writing as a teenager. Her first book, Cinder, became a New York Times best seller. Her stories take classic fairy tales and give them a modern twist . She crafts her characters with fantastical science fiction adaptations in a dystopian world filled with problems. Cinderella, Cinder in her first book, is a cyborg with wild talents like mind-control, while Scarlet, in her second book, is a futuristic Little Red Riding Hood. Meyer lives in Tacoma, Washington with her husband and three cats.
Plot Summary
(EXPOSITION) In the beginning, the main character, Scarlet, who inspires the book's title, is searching for her grandmother, who has been missing for two weeks. This is the main conflict of this story. Scarlet's conflict is external, since she is battling others to find her grandmother. Desperate to find her, Scarlet takes matters into her own hands, when the local police refuse to assist. She soon discovers, through her alcoholic father, that her grandmother has been kidnapped by a hostile gang of genetically altered, wolf-like, man-beasts. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, in New Beijing, Cinder, who was imprisoned at the end of book one, is attempting to escape to avoid being taken back to Luna and killed. She has recently learned that she is the long- thought dead Princess Selene, heir to the throne of Luna and a major threat to the evil Queen Levana, her aunt. Cinder escapes with the help of Captain Thorne, who conveniently has a stolen spaceship docked nearby. Both girls are seeking answers to questions caused by confusing events, which seem to reveal long-kept secrets. These secrets bind them, though they have never met.
(RISING ACTION) Scarlet quickly meets an unusual stranger, named Wolf. He is a street fighter, whom Scarlet finds inexplicably charming and mysterious. After discovering that he may have knowledge of her grandmother's kidnappers, she asks him to help. He agrees and they travel to Paris. On the way Scarlet is attacked by Ran, a lesser member of the pack Wolf once belonged to . Scarlet realizes that Wolf was a member of the group that took her grandmother and her trust is shaken. When they reach Paris, Wolf betrays Scarlet , handing her over to be jailed and interrogated by the cruel wolf- gang. Scarlet is devastated.
Cinder and Thorne, by this time, make their way to Michelle Benoit's farm, Scarlet's home, to try and find more clues about Cinder's past. They uncover a secret laboratory under the barn where, Cinder's life and body was rebuilt after Queen Levana attempted to burn her to death as a small child . Cinder, too, now wants to find Scarlet's grandmother, knowing she has the answers to her past. Cinder and Throne, now, head to Paris, as well.
(CLIMAX) Ironically, though he delivered Scarlet to her captors, Wolf ultimately helps her to escape, proving their bond and friendship eclipsed his deception. Scarlet finds her grandmother near death and tries to save her, but they are attacked by Ran. Her grandmother sacrifices herself to save Scarlet and Wolf kills Ran. Wolf, however, is still under the control of the pack leader and almost kills Scarlet, too. Just in the nick of time, Cinder and Throne arrive to protect Scarlet and rescue Wolf from himself. Elsewhere on the planet, Queen Levana has released deadly armies of wolf-like soldiers to terrorize the Earth and bring Emperor Kai to his knees. To save the planet, the Emperor offers to marry the Lunar Queen and she agrees . This is not an acceptable solution, because she intends to kill the Emperor and rule the world.
(FALLING ACTION) Cinder knows the Queen's truth and vows to stop her. Scarlet recognizes Cinder as the lost Princess Selene and together they begin to unravel the mystery of Cinder's past and Scarlet's grandmother's role as Cinder's protector. (RESOLUTION) Although her grandmother could not be saved, Scarlet now understands the greater conflict in the world as she, Cinder and Wolf attempt to save the people of Earth from a Lunar invasion. The answers to what's next will be revealed in January 2014 in the third Lunar Chronicles book, Cress.

In a cell inside the Paris Opera House where Scarlet's grandmother has been held and tortured, Scarlet is trying to rescue her grandmother. Ran, a member of the wolf pack, has returned to use Scarlet to bait and kill his older brother, Wolf. In this passage, you see first hand where Scarlet gets her courage and stubbornness. Her grandmother, Michelle Benoit, goads Ran into killing her, so that Scarlet might escape. She is as determined to anger Ran as Scarlet was to find her. It is evident that she loves Scarlet enough to die for her and she does. I admire their special connection and devoted relationship. I was moved to tears by this portion of this book. (Pages 379-380)
I Like This Book
I really enjoyed Scarlet because the plot line was fast-moving and complex. I occasionally had to re-read parts of the story to really comprehend how things fit together in the grand scheme of things. I also really liked how the author twists the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood and throws that concept into a world full of cyborgs and Lunars. The characters, who originally were portrayed as damsels-in-distress, have became incredibly strong, confident, independent young women, who don't let anything stand in their way. What I remember most about the book is the action-packed scene where Cinder, Iko and Captain Thorne rescue Scarlet and Wolf from the evil Lunar wolf pack controlled by the thaumaturge. It is like a scene from a Marvel movie with two super-human forces colliding for the final showdown. Fortunately, in Scarlet, the good guys get away.
The mood of this novel is suspenseful. The action in the story is driven by the conflict; Scarlet needs to find her grandmother. There is danger and uncertainty in every chapter. Since the book is only the second in a series of four books, even the ending leaves you wondering what will happen next.
Scarlet is set primarily in France, part of the European Federation, which is one of five countries forming the Earthen Union . The story takes place in a time called the Third Era (T.E.), 126 years after the Fourth World War. It is a dystopian society. There is plague, war, poverty, class division and the very real threat of an invasion by a Lunar race, from the moon.
My Favorite Character
My favorite character is Scarlet , the heroine of the story. I like her because of her unstoppable determination to find her grandmother, her willingness to take enormous risks to achieve her goals and ability to weigh the pros and cons of the individuals she meets and to choose her allies wisely, even when she is afraid. Scarlet grows a great deal as a result of the events in the story, especially with the death of her grandmother. She evolves from a small town farm girl to a warrior with a greater purpose, as she continues her grandmother's legacy protecting Cinder and the people of the planet.
The theme of Scarlet is determination against all odds. Both Scarlet and Cinder, whose stories and lives are intertwined, struggle to understand the secrets of their heritage and their families' past. With great forces against them, they rise up individually and push forward again and again to achieve their purposes. In Scarlet's case, determination is no guarantee of success. Ultimately, her grandmother is killed before Scarlet can rescue her. Cinder's fate is left unknown with the next book in the series, but we are left with the knowledge that she intends to fight on.
Passage from the Book
I would recommend this book to all readers who like science fiction and/or fantasy, especially fans of the Avengers and the Marvel Comic series. The Lunar Chronicles are a great deal like the dystopian world of the Hunger Games. Fans of that series might be drawn to read this book, too. Anyone who really likes action, drama, a bit of romance and to be kept sitting on the edge of their seat will enjoy this novel. You will want to rush out to your local bookstore or library to get this book because, in Scarlet, Marissa Meyer stretches your imagination by turning a simple fairy tale into an extraordinary, futuristic, cliff-hanger filled with frighting villains and inspiring heroes and heroines.
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