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Timeline: The Month Leading up to Operation Protective Edge

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Tali deGroot

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of Timeline: The Month Leading up to Operation Protective Edge

Timeline: The Month Leading up to Operation Protective Edge
June 15-23: Blaming Hamas
Netanyahu and other members of the Israeli governments come out strongly blaming Hamas for the kidnapping though do not offer any evidence
While Hamas has historically taken credit for their actions against Israel, they did not claim responsibility for the kidnappings
June 14 Operation Brothers Keeper
IDF launches a massive operation into the West Bank in search of the boys
There is conjecture that this was a political move and there is suspicion that the Israeli military apparatus used the kidnapping as a front for recapturing formerly released Palestinian prisoners
Israeli public is united and strongly in support of this operation
Hundreds of Palestinians are arrested as a part of this search and Hebron is essentially shut down
June 30: Bodies of Teens Found
The bodies of the three Israeli teenagers kidnapped are found
It turned out that intelligence officials had been aware that the boys were dead before the public was notified
June 28-29: Violence in Gaza and Southern Israel
Sporadic rockets have landed in Israel for the past several years, their pace and quantity increased at the end of June
IAF begins airstrikes on the Gaza Strip
In Israel, Netanyahu was criticized by the public for waiting as long as he did to begin the operation
June 12 Kidnapping
Three Israeli teens aged 16, 16 and 19 were studying at a school in the West Bank and were kidnapped when hitchhiking home
They called the police but the call was ignored
July 2: Retribution
Following the announcement of the teenagers’ deaths, after weeks of being told there was a chance of their recovery, groups of Israelis target Palestinians and Arab-Israelis.
Early in the morning of July 2, Palestinian teen Mohammed Abu Khdeir is forced into a car in Jerusalem.
Hours later, his body is found, charred and showing clear signs of violence. A later autopsy would show that he was burned alive.
The murder is immediately attributed to Jewish extremists, leading to the condemnation of the killing from both the prime minister and the families of the slain Israeli teenagers.
July 3 and on
Palestinian citizens of Israel protest throughout the country
Operation Protective Edge in Gaza goes into full effect
National and racial tensions remain high throughout the region
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