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infantry tactics by chris

No description

laura dowdy

on 9 May 2017

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Transcript of infantry tactics by chris

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weapons were more accurate. A general named lee moved his main force north.
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that about sums it all up, be sure to read my other pages! thats it. stop reading. i mean it! STOP IT NOW!!! ):(

infantry tactics by Chris
deleting memory...

they fought in a long horizontal lines they fought with muskets that flew 250 ft the flagsman dropped his gun and shoved it in the ground
This page is about the civil war; Abraham was president . Many people were killed in every battle between the confederate rebels and the Soviet Union. By the end of the war over 618, 000 fighters were shot to the grave.
weapons were more accurate. A general named lee moved his main force north. They attacked a town called cashtown so we retreated to a cemetery ridge witch helped the union. Good move eh?
An estimated 800-wounded man burned to the bloody crispy gruesome ground. Muskets were commonly used, repeaters, submarines, trains, hot air balloons and cannons.
The guns were so accurate that they did not have to line up like in the world wars.
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