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Physiological Responses to Injury: The Healing Process

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Nicola Johnson

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Physiological Responses to Injury: The Healing Process

Physiological Responses to Injury: The Healing Process
Over to you...

Complete the 'Inflammatory Response' questions of the puzzle
Phase 2: Proliferation Stage
= Repair & Regeneration
What signs tell us we are injured?
5 Cardinal Signs of Injury
The Healing Process
1. Inflammatory Phase

2. Proliferation Phase

3. Remodelling Phase
Aims for today...
Phase 1: Inflammatory Stage
Swelling - the body's natural response to injury
Acts as a defense mechanism
How can swelling be caused in sport?
Features of the Inflammatory Response...
Clotting (Platelet Reaction)
Vascular stages (10 mins)
Cellular stages (1 hr+)...
Visualizing the complete Inflammatory Response
Scar tissue is laid down
Over to you...

Complete the 'Proliferation' and 'Remodelling' phases of the puzzle
Phase 3: Remodelling Stage
Repaired tissue - becomes 'normal' tissue
Type 3 collagen fibres
Type 1 collagen
If type 3 scar tissue remains...
For a full recovery...
Receive treatment

Undergo rehabilitation
Recap on last week...
Psychological Responses
Outline 5 Cardinal Signs of Injury
Examine initial responses to injury
Understand how the body repairs itself
Discussed how the body becomes stronger after injury
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