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Multicultural Books

No description

Lily Zhu

on 17 May 2016

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Transcript of Multicultural Books

Multicultural Books
By: Lily Zhu
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, by Lisa See, depicts two young girls from a small village in Hunan, China. At the young age of 7, Snow Flower and Lily Wu pledged their allegiance to one another by becoming laotong. After binding their lives the two girls learn nu shu, a secret writing which only females know. A silk fan passes back and forth between Lily Wu and Snow Flower where major events and turning points in their lives are recorded in nu shu.
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
Why should students read multi-cultural literature in high school?
1. These books can transport students to places that they normally would not be able to experience.
2. Multicultural books help teach tolerance and respect for other cultures and religions.
3. Multicultural literature can help dispel stereotypes.
Books have the ability to transport one anywhere in the world. Multicultural books help people imagine what it would be like to experience life from a different perspective. Multicultural books also allow students to experience and witness cultures that they normally wouldn't be able to.
Reading books about people from other cultures helps increase awareness of others and will help people be more tolerant and respectful towards those who have different backgrounds.

Most people would not normally have the opportunity to go to China. However, through the book, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, readers are able to experience the daily life of a civilian in 1800s China. The book also allows you follow the life of Lily Wu and the reader is given first hand accounts of foot binding and the secret language of nu shu.
Multicultural literature can dispel misconceptions and inaccurate stereotypes by getting a more broad description of different cultures.
Readers can understand that their culture might be different than others but people all face the same problems have the same struggles.
In Chinese culture, women's feet were bound by linen to achieve a perfect three inch "golden lotus." A women's small feet drew so much attention that a women's beauty and marriage were dependent on how well one's feet were bounded.
Through reading this novel, one can better understand why foot binding was a thing and what people thought of it. This allows the readers to gain a better understanding of chinese culture and that they aren't that different from themselves.
During the time of the book, women didn't have many rights and were thought of as a burden. Therefore, in a small village, a secret women's language, nu shu, was created for women and their friends to communicate and share turning points in their life.
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