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Forsyth Humane Society Practicum

Social Media Capital Campaign

Jeremy Hefter

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Forsyth Humane Society Practicum

Mission and Vision

Expand Social Awareness
Bridge community
Implement new social media platforms for public capital campaign phase
Train Volunteers and Staff of how to utilize social media
Create new social media strategies and guide



Total Page likes
Average Post Reach
Average Page Visits
Best Practices
Commit to a few channels
Organization and weekly goals are key to managing chaos
Quality vs Quantity
Diversify volunteer base
Awareness + Community Management = Conversion
Integrate social media into marketing mix
Mission Alignment
Creates online community for like-minded individuals
Marketing Goals
Focus is on adoptions which provides funding to carry out services
The Forsyth Humane Society is a non-profit animal welfare organization dedicated to the compassionate treatment of cats and dogs in our community. Founded in 1941.

Maintaining an adoption center with a no-kill policy
Educating our community about responsible pet ownership
Preventing overpopulation of cats and dogs
Advocating for the well-being of animals,
Placing cats and dogs into loving homes and enriching the lives of those in our community through animal companionship.

Social Media Strategy Effectiveness and Solutions
Eubank-Hefter Social Media Managers
Disconnect Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
Football Social Media Analogy
Training Staff
Putting specific volunteers in charge of certain responsibilities
Filmed video for promotional use
Weekly schedule for posts
More structure - Less impulsive
more about engagement
Utilizing QR codes and Social media campaigns
the hashtag
New motto
Social media logos at all events, flyers
Promotes community and further engagement
Facebook ads
Use quiet phase as an opportunity, not an excuse
Practicum Phases

Design and Create a New Social Media Platform- Instagram, Tumblr
Implement the platform through Awareness and Training
Build Community and focus on quality, rather than Quantity.
Social Media Awareness Campaign

Slogan for the capital campaign- "Building a more humane society"

Create a prototype social campaign that can get everyone engaged before the public phase

Allow a central theme throughout posts
Virtual Advertisements and publicity
Allow Others to engage

Social Media Training:

Facebook: Engagement and the connector between current events and highlights- What is in it for me, SO WHAT! Allowing others to ask questions

Instagram: Highlights of events and allowability for others to engage

Twitter: Real-Time Posting at Events
Problems We Encountered
Too many ideas- Quality over Quantity
Small staff size without expanding volunteer resposnibilities
Chaotic, unorganized structure of Forsyth Humane Society
Lack of Social Media Importance and Knowledge
Just Focusing on being liked, rather than engaging
Holistic Communication of Volunteers and Staff
Many other Forsyth Humane events occurring
No communication with Whitney Jones
Insider- outsider issue
Jeremy Hefter
Jackson Eubank

Going Deeper than a Like
Encouraging photos, sories, engagements under one common, searchable, promotional phrase
How Forsyth Humane can follow in their national path
@ForsythHumane #Practicum
Helping the Ones Without a Voice
Capital Campaign Goals
Raise 3 Million Dollars for a New Facility
Building a more
Society- Going beyond an animal shelter
More Complicated than you think
Need structure
Need Schedule
Need Staff Monitoring
Only the beginning......
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