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Internet Research for Beginners

Teaching students to read, analyses, and evaluate data found on the internet for a web base research paper.

Emily Shand

on 13 October 2012

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Transcript of Internet Research for Beginners

Step 1 Introduction on the Mystery of Internet Research What would you do? Slavery what?
-you could ask a questions and then answer it,
-use specific phrases or terms to connect Slavery with other subjects that are similar like: South, Ownership. Underground, death, ship crossings, chains, Black, Africa,
-you could narrow your search by picking a specific area connected to Slavery.
Bottom line you need to become a Detective! Use your brains and deduce or deduct what you think is important. Just remember you need too: Searching for Evidence
for your Research Project Evaluating Credibility of Resources Internet Research for Beginners Internet #1. Find a subject you would like to Research #2 Picking the Right Search Terms #3 You need to Understand your Search Results and How they Work Narrowing your Searches to get the Best Results #4 #5 by Miss Shand Some of the Questions you should ask yourself:
1. Does the writing seem to be too good to be true?
2. Who wrote the information?
3. When was the article written?
4. How might the tone or style of the writing reflect its credibility?
5. Why has the author written this information?
6. Are the sources credible? Just Like Sherlock Holmes! ~ Is a tool that can be used for projects but you need to be mindful that with "digital power comes great expectations".
1. Be respectful of each other space.
2. Think before you click.
3. Don't go to sites that your Grandmother wouldn't approve of.
4. Have fun, but remember there is a purpose to everything you do. If I needed to do a social studies project on "slavery", what would you put as your subject? Go Look! FOR EXAMPLE:
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