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Name of College

No description

Agassi Student

on 25 May 2016

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Transcript of Name of College

The Name of the College is called University of Nevada,Las Vegas
Name of College
The School's Nickname is UNLV.
School's Nickname
The School's Mascot is called the Rebels.
School Mascot
The City and State the College is located in is Las Vegas, Nevada.
City, State
The type of program I want to go to!
UNLV has a Pre-Vet 4 year bachelor degree.

Retention Rate
The Retention Rate is 74.1%.

Graduation Rate
The Graduation Rate is 14%.
Student Population
The student population is 28,600

Low-Income Demographics
Student/Teacher Ratio
Academic/Athletic Scholarship Requirements
Extracurricular Activities
The type of School
The student teacher ratio at UNLV is 22:1, and the school has 21:4 percent of it's classed with fewer than 20 students.
You must be a full time student to practice and/or compete.This means you must carry at least 12 hours of course work throughout the entire semester.
Maintain a 2.0 GPR, 6hrs of course work apply to graduation $125 non refundable reservation fee (new applicants) online $325 total to reserve room.7 housing options range from $2,700 to $3,720 a semester.
Food options all over the UNLV campus pizza,salad,smoothies,coffee,sushi, burgers and more.
The type of school is for 4years.
Baseball,basketball,football,golf,soccer,swim/dive,tennis,cross country,softball,track/field and volleyball.
The Extracurricular Activities are Accounting,Anthropology,Art and Design Department,Athletics/Training,Biology,Business-Management and Administration,Civil Engineering,Computer Science,Criminal,Economics,Education,Finance,
Fine Arts-Painting/Sculpture/Photography/etc,Geography and Geoscience,History/Histories(art history/etc.),Journalism,Kinesiology,Mechanical Engineering,Nursing,Others,Physics,Political Science,PreLaw and Legal,Social Work,Undecided.
The low-income demographics is 19%.
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