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No description

Darrell Nelson

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of AKQA - NISSAN LEAF


Strengthen existing, and build new communities

Answer consumer concerns

Reaffirm the brand’s image as the NUMBER ONE electric car on the market. MOBILITY - Where are we at? A to B . COST DISTANCE CHARGING POINTS CHARGING TIME Creating Effective Social Media Engagement Know the customers
Establish a voice
Listen, Monitor, Engage
Create value
Integrate with offline
Be relevant
BE CONSISTENT Entertainment Capture audience attention with timely, relevant, authentic and original entertaining content

Fully utilise current Leaf communities in content, providing authentic, trusted third party voice

Draw in new leads and add value to existing communities

Create structure for multiple points from which to easily share content from and amplify message

MONITOR ACTIVITY to be able to act upon and engage with new leads Ideas - Viral Flash Mob Video "Like the Nissan Leaf, a little kindness goes a long way" Like the Nissan Leaf, a little kindness goes a long way #LittleKindness Gallery - Your captured random acts of kindness @gregDay @AKQA @LondonJoe Real Time Kindness League of Kindness Kindness of the Nissan LEAF A Leaf Around Town Education Retain new communities whilst educating them with thought provoking, shareable content

Make facts and figures easily understandable, jargon free and focus on what people WANT TO KNOW

Customer advocates have a far more authentic voice

Visual examples and activity related content more likely to be remembered and shared

Work educational content into existing messages & make it easy to share content TWITTER FACEBOOK Just witnessed a random act of kindness! Check out how kind your neighbourhood is on the Nissan Leaf Little Kindness realtime map - bit.ly7829 Did you know that the Nissan Leaf can do over 100miles around a city on a full charge, that's about 10x as far as the average supermarket is from a house in the suburbs. But don't just take our word for it, check out some everyday Leaf drivers and how far they go in their all electric cars: Random act of kindness happened here Nissan Leaf recharging station How easy is it to charge the #NisanLEAF ? Watch this drivers 6sec #Vine. bit.ly8390 INSPIRE & CONVINCE Go deeper, more personal and develop a relationship

Fans ------> customers

Prioritise high quality leads

Make conversion points Love this!Cool NissanLeaf flashmob congratulate people for helping others & spreading "little kindness" bit.ly/11XKuEt 4 @bridgie2 Thanks for spreading a #LittleKindness yourself! You're now on our realtime kindness map- Take a look bit.ly/11XKuEt 0 Wow! RT @NissanLittleKindness @bridgie2 Thanks for spreading #LittleKindness too! You're now on our realtime kindness map- bit.ly/11XKuEt Love seeing so much #LittleKindness in our little town, especially this picture of 2kids pushing wheelchair! instagram.3876 @bridgie2 Your town def appealing to us here, thinking of packing our #NissanLEAF & moving! @NissanLittleKindness Haha I am sure you would love it! @bridgie No doubt! We notice there are plenty of fellow Leaf owners too bit.ly.73901, kind & socially responsible town! @ToptonLeaf @bridgie @NissanLittleKindess Always room for 1 more #NissanLEAF here in Topton! Did you know that the Nissan Leaf can do over 100miles around a city on a full charge, that's about 10x as far as the average supermarket is from a house in the suburbs. But don't just take our word for it, check out some everyday Leaf drivers and how far they go in their all electric cars: Didn't know they could go so far (love the futuristic dashboard too!) Want to know what it is like to get behind one of the world's most advanced and environmentally friendly cars? Take a 3 day test drive, just find your nearest dealer from using our easy Leaf Locator http://www.choosenissan.com/san-francisco-oakland-san-jose-area/leaf/ Warmer days mean 1 thing...road trip!! Make a #NissanLEAF themed road trip playlist on @8tracks bit.ly78037 & win some top road trip prizes Rocking out to @AjayWheels #NissanLEAF themed roadtrip playlist at Nissan HQ today bit.ly78037 Send us yours for chance to win! bit.ly78037 Only takes 30min to charge the #NissanLEAF, create your 30min Leaf playlist bit.ly78037 & it could be the autoshow soundtrack for New Leaf 2013 The awesomeness of Nissan Leaf
owners has to be seen to be believed! Check out the exclusive behind the scenes footage of the making of your "Little Kindness" Flashmob video. Andy & Charlotte (and their Nissan Leaf!) were one of the stars of our Little Kindness flashmob, check out their video diary of the day Electric Ave -
Eddy Grant I Like Driving in My car -
Madness POLL
In two weeks we will be livestreaming from the Tokyo Autosalon as we showcase our new 2013 Nissan Leaf. Which song from our flashmob video could we use that best sums up our Nissan Leaf spirit? You have your Nissan Leaf, you have your sunglasses, you have a car full of friends and you have an open road...now all you need is that rocking playlist! Create your Leaf inspired roadtrip soundtrack and be in with a chance to win some fantastic roadtrip goodies! www.8tracks.com/NissanLeaf Have you checked how kind your city is on our real time #LittleKindness map? bit.ly#7892 Capture that moment of #LittleKindness @Carlover Thanks for spreading a #Littlekindness, check out how your city is doing bit.ly#3468 in our Kindness Rank! Can't put a price on kindness, but can on fuel savings! Use our simple calculator bit.ly#89028 &discover savings u could make with a #NissanLeaf STRATEGY, CONSISTENT, ANALYSE, LISTEN, REFINE Real Time Monitoring & Reaction @dubnobbie That days going straight on the #LittleKindness board! Great work, tweet us a picture next time. Good a reason as any to party! RT @evchells Downtown LA #Nissan has shiny new Fast Charger& holding party Sat 4/27 blog.downtownnissan.com/1/post/2013/04… @jknilla We often have to pry test drivers from the steering wheels after test drives! ;) Enjoy the ride, here to answer any Qs you may have after Feel lucky? MT@Bridgestone is giving away #NissanLEAF,tires&Amex Reward Cards this month! Enter to win at bridgestonetire.com/rethinkgreen #minddrive
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