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ABC's of Apps

No description

Sam Meyers

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of ABC's of Apps

B IPAD IN A Administrative C Curricular THE ABC's OF Building EGRATION First step: Use Administrative apps to organize and manage class material. Second step: Explore Building apps that allow students to create and collaborate with you and others. Third step: Dive into Curriculum apps that support and enhance your current material. http://prezi.com/swceiv2g3bbt/60-educational-apps-in-60-minutes/ http://prezi.com/za6hrndigmws/60in60-60-apps-in-60-minutes-bciu-virtual-speaker-series/ http://prezi.com/firafufnjdbd/iste-2012-60-web-tools-in-60-minutes/ Google Drive lets you keep all your stuff in one place. Upload your files from your computer and you can access them anywhere, including your iPhone or iPad. You get 5 GB free. Drive is improving all the time. Docs and Sheets can be edited within the app now with basic formatting. You can also upload and share files FROM your iPad. Notability is an annotation app that communicates with Drive, Dropbox, and Box. It lets you write, type, draw, and add images to blank sheets or worksheets. You can add PDF's to your Google Sites for students to download, annotate, and then turn in via Google Docs. You can organize by topics and subtopics. It also has a great zoom feature that makes handwriting easier. Socrative replaces activotes/expressions in the classroom. You can make MC, T/F, and short answer questions as quizzes ahead of time that can be graded as the students take them and it will email you a grade report. The quizzes can be student or teacher-paced. You can also do open-ended "exit tickets." Use as formative or summative. Create, control, present and share. Combining screencasting, desktop control, and an interactive whiteboard in one app, you’ll never have to turn your back to the class or audience again. Doceri is THE 800 lb. gorilla of systems for interactive lectures and teaching - that’s why you pay $30 for the companion desktop software.
Control your presentations live with Airplay or through your Mac or PC. Create hand drawn images over your presentations with rewind and playback. Cut, copy, paste or insert images, then record a screencast video and upload it to YouTube directly from the app. You can then add your video directly to your Google Site for your students to watch. Google Drive Notability Socrative Google Chrome Browser Access your laptop's most visited pages,
bookmarks, and current tabs on your iPad. Explain Everything More full-featured screencasting app where you can import entire packets to annotate on. $2.99 Educreations Free, simple screencasting. Can only import images, though, and export to proprietary website. Free, simple screencasting. Can only import images, though, and export to proprietary website. Has library of videos from other teachers for different subjects. Photo Transfer App Easy way to send pics and videos back and forth between iPad and laptop. $2.99 CloudOn Microsoft word on the iPad for free via Google Drive. A little slow at times, but has much of the formatting you wish you had on the iPad. TeacherKit Three Ring Scan Rover Evernote App to log attendance, behavior, and grades.
Great for subs! Share a presentation with everyone and you control their screens. Give a quiz, receive drawings, watch a video. Simple organizer if you like to take pictures of student work and save it in folders for each student. Scan barcodes or QR codes. Browser that lets you see flash. Can be a little slow, but if you're in a bind, this will work. Just the app for these cloud services. Can't share files, just view. For those times, you really need to get a quick note out and you doubt email will be checked in time. Share notes, pictures, and audio with mobile devices and laptops. No hand-written annotation tool, though. Your morning's assignment
Basic Assignment: [(c) means on the computer]
1. Create a PDF of a worksheet. (c)
2. Attach it to the bottom of one of your class websites. (c)
3. Have someone else at your table download that worksheet into Notability, annotate on it, and send it back to you via email.
a. Create a quiz using Socrative on the computer or iPad.
b. Enter answers so that it will self-grade.
c. Give the quiz to us and show us the results.

Intermediate assignment:
1. Create a Google Drive folder and share it with a partner at your table. Do the above assignment, but turn it in to the Google Drive folder you just shared with your partner.

Advanced assignment:
1. Take a screen shot of a picture on your iPad.
2. Upload that picture to Doceri and make a screencast of a story about that picture, drawing on top of it as you tell your story.
3. Export that screencast to YouTube.
4. Insert that video into one of your Google Sites. (c) Creative Book Builder VoiceThread Haiku Deck Aviary Skitch iMotion HD Aurasma Animoto Prezi Make time laps-animations using different triggers (sound, timing, manual, remote). Time intervals can be 0.25 sec - 1 day. Educators can apply for a free Animoto Plus account for use in the classroom. Its powerful features can be used to create stunning presentations incorporating images, video clips, music and text.
You may use the six-month free subscription code to create up to 50 Animoto accounts for your students and colleagues. Videolicious iMovie Haiku Deck is a Powerpoint-like app for creating presentations on the iPad. Very professional looking, and with few options, much easier to learn than many presentation tools. A photo editing app geared toward faces and effects. An image editing app geared toward markups. Well, you know, for making movies. $4.99 Make inanimate objects tell a story.
-Open the app.
-Click the white "A" at the bottom.
-Click the magnifying glass at the bottom.
-Search for "physicsmeyerssam"
-Choose the one with 6 auras in it.
-Click the target icon to the left of the magnifying glass.
-Find the images around the library and try them out. Make quick movies of images/videos, while annotating over them with music. The app is a dialed-down version of the full Prezi program. New iPad Prezi's use text and photos, that's it. You can play any of your Prezi's via the app by pinching and zooming or playing step by step, like a normal Prezi presentation. This awesome app lets students save all of their work and turn it into an epub that can be viewed in iBooks. $3.99 Takes Powerpoints and lets you annotate over them as you present. You can also broadcast your presentation over the web to remote viewers (make your own webinar). Lets students and teachers draw, comment, or leave a video recording about an object or photo. Discover Apps Enter the name of one app and this will show you related apps. http://www.tcea.org/ipad TCEA (Texas Computer Education Association) http://appitic.com/index.php/themes/themes Great resources for curricular apps, as well as flipped classroom apps and Bloom's taxonomy apps. http://www.ipadineducation.co.uk/iPad_in_Education/iPads_in_Schools.html When you click on an app to read its details, be sure to check "Related." You can find some other similar apps that are good this way. The "Genius" tab in the App store finds other apps that you may like based on ones that you have already downloaded. You can say "Not Interested" and next time you visit the tab, new suggestions will appear.
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