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The Woodcock Johnson IV

No description

Alli Nowicki

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of The Woodcock Johnson IV

The Woodcock Johnson IV
Allison Nowicki
The Masterminds
First developed in 1977 by Dr. Richard Woodcock and Mary E. Bonner Johnson
Woodcock began working on the batteries in 1963
Revisions were made in 1981, 2001, and 2014
Newest revised version (Woodcock Johnson IV) written by Fredrick A. Schrank, Kevin S. McGrew, and Nancy Mather
Development With a Purpose
Dr. Richard Woodcock had a significant background in special education and psychoeducation and statistics

Academic Achievement
General Intellectual ability
Specific cognitive abilities
Oral language abilities
As Educators the Woodcock Johnson IV...
Helps us too:
Diagnose learning disabilities
Determine discrepancies
Plan educational and individual programs
Assess growth
Provide guidance in educational and clinical settings
Conduct research and evaluation
Provide psychometric training

and most importantly implement specific interventions
to help our students!


Test Components
Three batteries that may be used independently or in any combination
WJ IV Tests of Cognitive Abilities
WJ IV Tests of Oral Language NEW!
WJ IV Tests of Achievement

The WJ IV emphasizes the identification of strengths and weaknesses by providing comparisons of both within each battery and across batteries.

This results in data that can be used to improve the outcomes for children and adults in a way that no other assessment can.
WJ IC ACH Subtests

20 subtests to measure reading, written language, mathematics and academic knowledge

Different forms were developed based on the practice of shared assessment and communication between professionals

Scoring and Norms
Reliability and Validity
Accessories and Interpretation Devices
The WJ IV comes with the 3 standard and extended batteries in easel formats and in ring formats to rearrange order when completing selective testing.
Examiner manual and protocols are also included
The examiners manual contains information on how to interpret the results and properly administer each battery
Technical manual is available online.
Test Administration
Any person administering the WJ IV needs:
Thorough knowledge of the exact administration and scoring procedures
Understanding of the importance of adhering to standardized procedures
Study the administration and scoring procedures and follow them precisely

To interpret competently any person needs:
Graduate level training in educational assessment
Background in diagnostic decision-marking
Professional Certification that includes formal training and code of ethics for the responsibility for rendering educational assessment and interpretation services.

Standards for Administrators

Cross Cultural Data
Well-developed and comprehensive resource for providing children with the best education possible.
Based on research and valid educational theories (evident through author bios)
Accessories and resources available provide so much information to help with administration and scoring
Comprehensive reports are elaborate and thorough and an excellent resource to any educator
My only wish is that we had access or it was required to read these reports because the results and strategies would be helpful for not just the individual students but would increase our "teacher toolbox" of strategies.
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