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U of U Dermatology Center - YouTube Links


DeeAnna Phelps

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of U of U Dermatology Center - YouTube Links

collaborative, compassionate, cutting edge care a Center of Excellence is a process
spanning the entire patient experience Patient champions: physicians & staff team approach = excellent care Education: patient understanding of treatment & prognosis videos available on-site
written materials
active input from patient champions Quality of care studies: improve patient care
reduce cost All within a conveniently located,
visually inspiring new facility Patients will know they are in the right place for accurate diagnosis & breakthrough healing. Our Centers of Excellence will offer focus on patient groups: pediatrics, seniors, women . . .
exceptional expertise in specific disorders
state of the art diagnosis & treatments
cutting edge research Women's Center complete skin care
for women by women Pediatric Center Compassionate care
by the only fellowship trained
pediatric dermatologists
in the region Seniors Specialized attention
to unique problems of aging Same day
dermatology Immediate evaluation & treatment for urgent skin problems plus ... General Dermatology same great care for all your skin issues Acne & Rosacea Comprehensive patient education
with systematic & proven therapies Melanoma detection & prevention wiping out the skin cancer that kills Hyperhidrosis thorough evaluation & treatment
for a disabling problem Dermatitis,
urticaria allergists & dermatologists
collaborate to treat all
allergic conditions Autoimmunity treatment of the most severe skin conditions
by the most experienced physicians Surgery Center state of the art
surgical techniques
in the most modern facility Cosmetic
Center dedication of a team to improve personal appearance Psoriasis World authority physicians
treating the most common skin disease
with the newest therapies Light treatment state of the art equipment
for recalcitrant skin disease Rare disease clinic the extra knowledge & attention
needed to diagnose & treat
rare genetic disorders Clinical research access to newest treatments the most
collaborative, compassionate, cutting edge care under the sun The new University of Utah Dermatology Center It begins with the best people under the sun Development of patient cohorts for quality of care studies
for support groups
for clinical trials resulting in access to new therapies
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