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03.04 Central and South American Legacies and Contributions: Assessment

No description

Lindie Dilmore

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of 03.04 Central and South American Legacies and Contributions: Assessment

Artifacts from Cottondale, Florida 03.04 Central and South American Legacies and Contributions: Assessment This is believed to be a way that people in the past paid for goods or services. We believe that most, if not all, people of Cottondale owned one. They were issued by a bank or business. While we have a chip in our hand for payment, they had to swipe a card. This is believed to be a device that was used for several different things. It is believed that the people of Cottondale used this device to search for information, pay bills, type reports, video chat, listen to music, etc. It helped people do what they needed done without leaving their home. While we have a "search engine" in our heads, they needed a physical object.

This is believed to be the ruins of an educational institution. We believe that in ancient Cottondale these schools were designed for students to learn under the direction of teachers. Found inside the building were books believed to be used to aid in teaching. Also, we found what we think are the desks that the students sat in. People of ancient Cottondale did not have the technology to have instant knowledge like today. This is believed to be an ancient form of transportation. The people of Cottondale traveled on land using these vehicles. They had four wheels and ran on fuel or a battery. Now days we teleport, but we believe they had to drive their vehicles sometimes for hours to get to where they were going. This is believed to be an ancient form of communication. In the past, people of Cottondale use to have hand held communication devices. Unlike us, who communicate telepathically, they needed a visual object. It is believed they not only used this for communication, but also to play games, listen to music, etc.
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