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A Prezi about a Prezi

Professional Development Session on how to create and use a Prezi.

Lindsay Heard

on 12 March 2012

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Transcript of A Prezi about a Prezi

A Prezi About a Prezi
Professional Development Interactive Activity Your Canvas
Your canvas is your workspace.
Double click anywhere to add text
You can always drag your text boxes around your canvas 1 3 Go to Create a New Prezi 2 Let's Choose a TEMPLATE 4 Add your title by
double clicking
to add text and
add a frame. Teaching Character Traits:
FEROCIOUS 5 Add text that includes a definition of the word. ferocious
extremely intense, savage, cruel, unrestrained violence Synonyms
terrible 6 Now add some text for synonyms of the words. Also, change the font by clicking on one of the tabs below and rotate using the zebra. 8 Let's add an image. Go to Google Images, type Recess Queen. Right click and Save As. Go to INSERT IMAGE. Antonyms gentle Kind 7 Let's add antonyms using a drawing. Go to Insert and click on the diagram circle. Add a drawing to list antonyms. 9 Finally, let's add our path. Go to path and click on each item in the order you want. You can zoom in close if you want the program to zoom in close. 10 Congratulations! You have created your first Prezi! Title: "Practice Prezi"
Take short Tutorial Use the "Zebra" to make your title smaller or larger. These should be in 2 textboxes so you can make the word larger than the definition. Then add a frame to group together. You can add a shape to underline the vocabulary word.
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