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Microsoft Office 365

No description

Viktoriia Melnychuk

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365
ower Point
All in One

Get it for
Plus you get
300 Minutes of Skype
1TB of One Drive Storage

Easy Group Work
Microsoft Challenge
Awareness of free Office on the portal
One million downloads/installs of Office
Sustained usage of Office after download

Our Solution
Eye-catching, persuasive and informative
print, physical and social media campaigns to expose the target market to the product
Print Campaign
Live Events
Social Media Campaign
Reasons for the success of our campaigns

The Effects of Motivation
Increased Attention
Exposure in daily life routine
Repeated marketing communications -> Ability
Consumer Opportunity in Alumni Green

Creation of fun experience
Increased brand loyalty
Reinforcement of the sensory memory
Maximisation of brand exposure and awareness
Encouragement of rehearsal
Applying to consumers’ esteem needs
Increased attention and motivation
Reasons for the success of our campaigns
Aleksandrs Krasavcevs 11148780
Annika Knauer 12222941
Ashleigh Carr 11400571
Jenny Binetter 11991813
Jess Lynn 12155331
Jon Vengust 12255321

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