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Missing May Figurative Language

Honors ELA Summer Reading... Missing May by Cynthia Rylant

Katy Fread

on 5 August 2013

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Transcript of Missing May Figurative Language

Honors ELA Summer Reading - Grade7
Like a toy that God has been playing with.
"Pick Two"
Katelynn Fread
Missing May By Cynthia Rylant
(Task 5)
I was certain the kid was a flat out lunatic.
Lots of gardens with his arm swirling like crazy in the breeze
Like Alice who has fallen into Wonderland.
Like she was giving God a friendly nudge with her elbow
It hit that little valley like a tidal wave.
Like a down that was leaving you little by little
Like it ought to be in a movie.
Like some fungus mold until you got a picture out of her
which didn't last to long because he said his thumb just wasn't green enough
She said her daddy would be cleaning God out of her potato salad.
She was a big barrel of nothing.
The face of the mountain
If Cletus gets wind that Mays back, he will take it and run with it.
"Drop some of them bricks you haul around with, you life just isn't that heavy."
Two barbie dolls dance the tango
My heart began to lift
Hand me over to the roaring heater
I cant figure out a way to mend his sorry broken heart
Glistening coke and chocolate milk bottles greet me
It was the look that always announced he had gotten some kind of revelation.
A strand of his stringy hair nearly dunking itself
In that old trailer full of sleeping whirligigs
Kept her in a pickle
To that big church picnic in the sky
If Cletus GETS WIND that Mays back, I know he'll TAKE IT AND RUN WITH IT. (2 idioms)
Just struck dumb.
In the heart of Fayette County
Even that knocked my socks off
Her mommy and daddy could rest easy.
Rusty old trailer
A little plastic bear of honey
A yellowed flowered hat
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