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Mr. Ginsburg

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

I Wanna Iguana
By: Ava Alex Shouldn't Get An Iguana Reason 1 Alex doesn't seem responsible because he had to take care of the class fish and the fish got into the familys spagetti sauce can. Reason 2 If Stinky gets the iguana, Larch the dog wont eat it. Reason 3 Tarantula's are quiet too like iguanas but Alex doesn't want a tarantula. Reason 4 It would be pretty embarrassing to have a 6 foot long reptile living with you when you get married. Reason 5 You already have a brother so you dont need a iguana as a brother. Conclusion Because of those reasons about why Alex shouldn't get an iguana, I think that Alex should not get an iguana because he might not be ready just yet to take care of his own pet.
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