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Career Cruising

Planning 10 Assignment

Amrit Hayer

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Career Cruising

Biomedical Career Cruising Central Aspects Understanding and using physics Using math to solve technical
or scientific problems Being interested in human biology Being interested in the heath of people but not directly treating them Job Description Biomedical engineers combine biology and medicine with engineering to improve health care. Working Conditions Job Site They work at:
-medical manufacturing plants
-government regulatory or private agencies
-medical research facilities
Why this is a good job? According to CNN...... -#1 low stress job to give you the best quality of life -#1 Job growth in 10 years (72%) -#10 overall best job in America Education -You first have to do a bachelor's degree in either science or engineering (preferably engineering) -Then you have to do a masters degree in Biomedical Engineering (this will take 4 years including the bachelor degree) -If you want to teach Biomedical Engineering or research it at a university you have to complete a PhD which would be another 4 years (but you don't have to) Earnings -Starting salaries in private companies and in hospitals range from about $45,000 to $70,000 a year. -After you gain experience (approx. 5 years) the salaries are usually about $60,000 to$85,000 a year. -Senior positions (after approx. 10 years experience) earn between $85,000 and $140,000 a year or more. In addition to a salary, biomedical engineers working on a full-time basis generally get health and dental care, paid vacation and sick days, and contributions to retirement plans. Hours Biomedical Engineers work average weekday hours and don't generally have to work overtime Why this is a good job for me I'm interested in both medicine and engineering I like problem solving I enjoy learning new things and researching topics I'm curious, creative and detail-oriented Biomedical Engineers designed
and created things such as:

-MRI machines
-heart pacemakers
-kidney dialysis
-prosthetics Things they are working on now:

-stem-cell research
-better prosthetics
-tissue and cell engineering to lead to the development of artificial organs You can focus on many different aspects of Biomedical engineering such as:

-Tissue engineering (creating artificial organs)
-Genetic engineering (working with genes and DNA)
-Neural engineering (understanding and repairing the brain)
-Creating medical devices and tools (for diagnosing or treating diseases)
-Medical imaging
-Implants Engineering Amrit Hayer
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