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Mr D Grant

on 1 July 2014

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Transcript of E-Portfolio

Duke of Edinburgh
I moved to a new school for my A-levels at this school I undertook the direct entry Gold award. For this I helped a student from China learn to read English over an 18 month period, spent 12 months learning to rock climb and 12 months taking guitar lessons. On top of that I completed a residential program and an 80km hike.
Personal projects
These 'Wobbly Wheels' are a graphical reflection of my personal development through the course. They show my knowledge, understanding and manufacturing skills growing over the last 3 years.
Skills development
Curriculum Vitae
Honours and bursaries
Hellar bursary
In 2013 I was awarded £500 through the Heller bursary. The money was granted so that I could purchase robotics equipment and run after an school club that would allow pupils to build and fight combat robots.

The kits I produced were very well received by the pupils, and have helped students view robotics as an accessible, enjoyable hobby
Mechatronics module Robotic gekco
Samples of work
Academic studies
Metal work module Camping stove
CNC wood work module
Mahogany board game
Morven and Michael Heller
Past employment
Food industry
Pizza Express : Back of house
05 / 13 - 12 / 13

Pizza Hut : Waiter & Chef
09 / 11 - 02 / 13

The Moveable Feast : Silver service waiter
06 / 07 – 07 / 10

Equity Ski : General Assistant
12/07 - 03/08

Voluntary work
Habitat for Humanity
Jun 08 – Aug 08

Team Leader for Habitat for Humanity, a charity building homes in the slums outside Cape Town in South Africa
Film industry
Various roles from June 09 - May 10
including the following:

Spun gold : Camera assistant

Helix 3D : Set construction team

Open Mike : Runner
Electricians apprentice
June 09 - May 10

Training was undertaken in between work in the film industry

Ski challet work
Dec 07 – Mar 08

General assistant

Le Hotel Mont Corbier, France
Bradfield School 09/13 - 12/13
I spent my first placement at Bradfield School, an academy just beyond Hillsborough. This being my first placement school my responsibilities increase during my time. By the end I was teaching 3 KS3 groups and working with another member of staff to produce a GCSE metal work project where they made dog tags.

I assisted the school LEGO robotics club and lead a group of GCSE pupils in the completion of the 4X4 challenge

Higher education
Sheffield Hallam university
In 2011 I started a 3 year undergraduate course at Sheffield Hallam university. Here I developed my skills working metal, wood and plastics as well as learning to design using hand sketching and CAD techniques.
Due to the accessible nature of Prezi my CV is available on request only.

Examples of student work
STEM Day - Duct tape wallets
Y7 Plastics module - Bug
Y9 Electronics - Amplifier
GCSE engineering - 4 x 4 challenge
GCSE engineering - F1 in schools
Extra curricular - LEGO robotics

Examples of student work
Year 8 Resistant materials - CD Rack
Y7 Metal work - Stove
Y9 Wood work - Structures
Extra curricular - KMX bike
I particularly grew in my confidence with large metal working machines including the lathes, CNC equipment and mills, pictured left.
Sheffield Hallam university
During my 3 years at university I have gained the grades below, and am on track to finish with a first.
Below is the record of my grades throughout my 2 teaching placements.
Heller bursary
These are the kits I was able to produce with the financial support from the Hellers.

Each kits contains everything necessary to build a combat robot; battery pack, controller, 2 motors, 2 wheels, control box which connects it all together.
These photographs were taken during a Y7 lesson. Within and hour an a half 4 groups were able to compete with a fully functional combat robot.
Mr D Grant
Year 8 Eelctronics - Shakey hand game
GCSE - Product design
Mini BBQ
Combat robots
Dirt Buggy
U6 - Systems and controls
Crest Gold Award

I was part of my school's EESE team. We were 4 students with specialisms in maths, science and engineering who worked with a local company to produce a solution to the problem of moving containers around a shipping yard without the space for a forklift.

From our work we were awarded a CREST gold award
Trident Gold Award
The trident Gold award is given to students on completion of a set amount of community service and having completed a personal challenge
Rock climbing
Since moving to Sheffield I have tried to make the most of the close proximity I am to the Peak District. I used to climb weekly at an indoor club and have made an effort to get back into the sport climbing at the local leisure centre and outside whenever possible.
Developing Critical Reflection
Subject Knowledge Enchancement
Design and make blog
As I grew up each summer I would spend a week in the lake district at a summer camp. Here we would go sailing, walking and kayaking. When I was too old to attend the camp I attended a training course so I can help lead the kayaking groups on Derwent water.
School placement
Birkdale school 01/14 - 06/14
My second placement was at Birkdale School. I gained experience teaching five KS3 classes, two KS4 groups as well as supporting the school’s 6th Form systems and control group.

My duties included planning suitably challenging lessons, setting, marking and providing written feedback for homework. I ran an extra-curricular lunch time club, where students built a reclined bike. During the lead up to the GCSE submission deadline I supported pupils in the completion of their projects during and after the school day.
Church life
I've been a member of various churches since an early age and the Christian faith has been very influential in my life
I currently attend st Thomas Crookes

" an Anglican/Baptist Church in the city of Sheffield with a vision to see our city transformed"
Mission trips
During the last 6 years I have undertaken a number of mission trips through the church.
I ran a 10 day outreach program in Campbeltown, Scotland. We worked with the Highland parish church to run a youth club for the local children.
I was part of a team who went out to Norway support the Encounter conference that took place in the summer of 2012.
In the summer of 2013 I went out to the Dominican Republic to volunteer with a charity who have various outreaches including; work hospitals, feeding programs, delivery medication to the slums and supporting the rehab centre above
HSBC Bursary
After returning from the Dominican Republic I felt compelled to try and support one of the schemes I had been involved with. It was a centre that provided free lunches for the children living on the streets in a small town called Bienvenido.

I applied for a £10,000 bursary HSBC offer each year to 10 students. To the right is my application video and a photograph of the humble centre.
Department for Education
QTS Numeracy Professional Skills Test
Grade: PASS

QTS Literacy Professional Skills Test
Grade: PASS
Royal Yachting Association
First Aid qualification - Valid until 25 July 2014
Sheffield Hallam University
September 2011 - June 2014

BSc (Hons) Design and Technology with Education & QTS (Qualified Teacher Status)
Design and Technology association
DATA Health & Safety Accreditation.

Welcome to my E-portfolio. This is web page is a Prezi presentation so all the information is on one page. Feel free to browse through the information on this site, alternatively you can navigate using the left and right arrows to move through the presentation.
Teaching career
At this stage, which aspect(s) of teaching do you find most interesting and rewarding?
Since starting my teaching placements September 2013 the it has been the relationships I've developed with pupils that I've found to be the most rewarding aspect. Aside from the work done in the classroom environment it has been the conversations had when I'm not delivering that have made the largest impact.
One highlight occurred on my first placement when a notoriously disruptive pupil learnt the following week was my last week so organised the class to arrive early for the lesson so we could share tea and biscuits.
As you approach the award of QTS, what do you consider to be your main strengths as a teacher?
I see my ability to take a complex topic and consider how it could be broken down so that it is accessible to the group I am teaching. In the past the has been achieved by making large models of small components, using video clips and a visualiser to better show a principle or part, having the pupils move about to engage kinetically with a concept such as theflow of electricity
As you look ahead to your career in teaching, you mat be thinking about your longer term aspirations and goals. Do you have any thought at this stage how you would like to see your career develop?
Using the skills I have developed to help those in poorer parts of the world has been something that I have been considering since going on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic in the summer of 2013.

Whilst we were there we worked with children who had received no formal education and had little option but to resort to criminality. The practical nature of the subject I teach would be incredibly valuable to these children and many others in third world countries.
Which aspects of teaching would you value further experience infor the future?
One area that I would consider to be a weakness in my practice is my ability to teach sketching techniques.

At the end of my second placement I began to teach these skills without the use of a computer, which although uncomfortable, was very beneficial. The lessons increased my ability and confidence, but I could do with futher work in this area.

During my teacher training I have had very little opportunity to develop my food and textiles skills. This is reflected in their low score on my skills ordit.
I have been fortunate enough to gain employment before the end of my course. From September 2014 I will be working in Bradfield school, the school I was for my first block placement.

I thoroughly enjoyed my 3 months in the department, and am looking forward to teaching KS3, 4 and 5 students. My main responsibilities will include KS3 wood and electronics projects, KS4 engineering and KS5 product design.
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