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Jonas Salk

No description

Chase Cushey

on 9 November 2015

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Transcript of Jonas Salk

Jonas Salk

Jonas Salk is
Medical researcher
and a scientist,
And he researched vaccine for
Polio ( Occupation ) Scientist ,
SAlk's birth and death
He was born on October 28,1914 and died June 23,1995 died of heart
His family And Wife
Salk went to the University of
New York to earn his M.D
Salk married
And Kids ???

He married social worker Donna
Lindsey from 1939 to 1968 the couple had three son's
together Peter,Darrel and
( Form left to right )
and,wife Donna,Dr.
Salk,and Brother lee.
and he study the flu with Dr.-
Thomas Francis Jr.
Salk launched his
Salk called his Organization is also
known as Salk Center for Biological
Studies in 1963.

D Roosevelt
proved instrume-ntal.
in the vaccine dev-elopment after his
domination .
SALK'S Clinical
SALK clinical trail was
the biggest public health
experiment in American
SALK Released
his Vaccine.
The Salk anti-polio vaccine is 80-90 percent effective. It was released
On April 12 1955 the Vaccine
was released in use for the United States


Dr.Salk Farther:was
Daniel B.Salk a

Garment worker.
Mother:Dora Press
was a ???
At the end of 1995
7 million children had their shots next
coruse next year 200 million

\Army Help\
working behalf the Army
the team strove to develop a flu vaccine
their goal was to " kill virus" vaccine
Hope lies in
dreams in imagination and in
the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality.
Salk efforts

Were supported and
promoted by National
Foundation for inflatie
paralysis and it's president Basil O'connor
There were
more than 57,000 cases in the United States in 1952
according to the college of Phsician's of Philadelphia.
"The Vaccine"

Salk tested the vaccine
on himself and his family
after inoculating thousand
of monkey's .
Dr.Jonas Salk
had books about vaccine and virus
Did Dr.Jonas
Salk have brothers or sisters?
He had a 2 brother's Lee
and Herman
Contributio-n and achieveme-nt
Salk was researching on
influenza that can cause the
Jonas Salk
In addition to his research, Salk also wrote several books on philosophical topics. His works include Man Unfolding (1972) and The Survival of the Wisest (1973), which he co-wrote with son Jonathan
In 1970, he married artist Francoise Gilot, who had previously been romantically involved with Pablo Picasso.

Although a tainted batch of the Salk vaccine killed 11 people, Americans continued vaccinating their children.
Just weeks after the Salk vaccine had been declared safe, more than 200 polio cases were traced to lots contaminated with virulent live polio strains manufactured by the Cutter Laboratories in Berkeley, California. Most taken ill became severely paralyzed. Eleven died.
Salk did not patent his vaccine
On April 12, 1955, the day the Salk vaccine was declared “safe, effective and potent,” legendary CBS newsman Edward R. Morrow
interviewed its creator and asked who owned the patent. “Well, the people, I would say,” said Salk in light of the millions of charitable donations raised by the March of Dimes that funded
the vaccine’s research and field testing.There is no patent.
Jonas E Salk Elementary School is a public elementary school in Bolingbrook
500 King Arthur Way, Bolingbrook, IL 60440

Public• Grades K-5
What were the interests of Jonas salk as a child?
Jonas Salk showed no sign of wanting to be a brainiac or even thinking of becoming a scientist or anything while being a child. But, as he grew up he started to show more interest in science.
Dr. Jonas Salk Postage Stamp
Jonas Salk In 2006 the United States Postal Service issued two postage stamps as part of the Distinguished Americans series.
Things about me
1 I like 1974 Camaro
2 I like cheeseburger
3 I like trucks
1 www.biography.com
2 www.enecyclopedia.com

3 www.brainy quote.com
4 www.famousscientist.org
5 www.history.com/Jonas Salk
Mr.Patterson FOR BEING A GREAT TEACHER!!!!!!!!!
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