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Santander a magical place

No description

david mejia

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Santander a magical place

Santander a magical place
There is general location and absolute location.

santader is located between boyaca, antioquia,arauca, and a little of bolivar.

an experience I had was to ride on the bus and get to see one of the sorounding departments boyaca.
place refers on how is the landscape

santander was a colonial department it had some mountains and was a sabana climate.

on the hike we got to see the landscape of santander.
For example cañon del chicamocha
Movment can refer to movment of goods, ideas,or artefacts

in santander mostly the houses are made out of tapia pisada wich is brout by the spanish people.

In one activity we learned the process of tapia pisada.
Human environment interaction
h.e.i can tale place from polution to farms to us steping in the ground.

most of santander people are farmers so they have the land as their resorse and they take care of it.
I got to see a sugar cane plantation and saw how people interact with the land.
regions are places with similar characteristics.

santander is an agricultural region because of lifestock and crops it rises.

we had the expririence to see the cattle on tha fincas and see the types of plantation.
Visible features of culture
it was part of theyr culture to make houses out of bareque of tapia pisada this could fit imto place because it is what santander is made of.

when walking through barichara I tppk the chance and looked at hoe the houses are made.

Invisible features of culture
I saw there were some legends in santander that would be in movment because some other person colud have brught it from other place.

I know that without other countries half of the legends wouldnt exist.
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