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Herron High School/Uniform Policies

Advisory Presentation 2016-17

Jill Swan

on 24 September 2018

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Transcript of Herron High School/Uniform Policies

Herron High Uniform/School Policies!
-Bandanas of ANY kind... not even as headbands
- Cat ear headbands, tiaras, etc.
- Headphones worn or in use during passing periods... MUST be in your locker. (Phones must be OFF and in locker during school hours as well)
Seniors WITHOUT lockers must have their cell phones OFF and in a clear bag.

Seniors outside ONLY at senior lunches!

Food and Drink Policies
Tea, juice, etc. are NOT acceptable during class. Water ONLY in a clear water bottle.
No gum chewing on campus EVER.
No food or drinks in classrooms and hallways.
Pants/Skort Policies
Skorts/shorts MUST be to the knee. See Ms. Torres if you have any questions.
Pants MUST go over any boots. This goes for jeans as well.
No pants or jeans rolled up into capris/shorts.
Other Uniform Policies
IDs must be worn outside of ALL clothing. Cannot be tucked inside fleeces, sweatshirts, etc.
Lanyards MUST be Herron issued in the CURRENT school year. See Ms. Swan in Ms. Torres' office if you need one.
DETENTION policies
Detentions that are unserved result in TWICE the time missed during the next available detention. Disciplinary actions for missing detentions may include but not limited to:
-Saturday school AND/OR
Saturday school dates can be found in the handbook. Saturday school hours are from 8:30am-2:30pm.
Herron ID Card
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