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Fidel Castro

No description

jorden lawrence

on 5 April 2010

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Transcript of Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro and the Cuban Missile Crisis
He gained support from Che Guevara
and boarded the Gramma to invade Cuba in 1956. After returning to Cuba him and
his revolutionaries hid in the
Sierra Maestra mountains and
gained support of the peasants. In 1959 Fulgencio Batista was forced to flee and Castro took over. When Cubans found out that the revolution was
communist many fled. Castro successfully fought off invasions of the U.S As a result of the U.S attacks he
became closely aligned with the Soviet
Union. The Soviets provided Cuba with
military assistance and money in trade for
sugar. As a result many of Castros programs
were now funded. Unfortunatly aligning with the USSR led to more
friction between Cuba and the U.S. In the summer of 1962 Nikita Khrushchev secretly decided to install missiles in Cuba.
Starting the Cuban Missile Crisis. Castro was humiliated after the crisis was defused
and the missiles were removed.
Born August 13, 1926 His famous speech was named
"History will Absolve me"
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