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How to make a drink, Zelda Style!

Matthew Restrepo

on 17 April 2013

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Zelda Red Potion Tutorial By Matthew Restrepo Class 144B Mr Powers Over the many years of gaming, one of the oldest was the Legend of Zelda series, a game where you are on a quest to save a princess. In the Zelda games, the hero has a health bar and once it is gone it is game over. However drinking a Red Potion will bring the health bar to maximum. Even though it does not restore our health bars, this step by step tutorial will show how to make a Red Potion! This tutorial will show you how to make a Red Potion that doesn't heal you but it tastes good. Ingredients 16-oz package of Strawberries 16-oz package of Strawberries A can of frozen lemonade 4 Cups of Cold Water Ice Lime Sparkling Water Materials/Tools Spoon Blender or a Food Processor Bowl Pitcher Strainer Cups Optional-
An 8-oz bottle with a cork Steps Remove the stem from strawberries. Place strawberries in a food processor or in a Blender set to puree (lightly pulse until smooth). Pour pureed strawberries into a strainer to catch the seeds. In a blender combine lemonade with the 4 cups of water and blend both until the ice from the lemonade is crushed or smooth. Stir in strawberries with lime sparkling water and serve. Not like that. Totally not a shovel...... Yes they are high quality, they are just pixels Works better then it looks! Warning- Does not actually throw baseballs.
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