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Project&Asset Management references Hungary


Laszlo Balassa

on 2 October 2018

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Transcript of Project&Asset Management references Hungary

MOM PARK Shopping Mall
Budapest, XII.

asset-, property management
30,000 sqm retail GLA

Center Director & Joint Venture representative of WING Ltd. 2015 -

Project management -
Office developments
Polar Center
office building & SAAB showroom - Budapest, IX.
shall&core and fit out works

10,000 sqm office space
2,000 sqm showroom, service
Project management & Asset Management -
Project management -
Hotel developments


Project management -

Project management -
PPP, Built to suit developments
Allianz headquarter
Budapest VIII.

shall& core and fit out works
32,000 sqm
Breeam "very good"

Millenaris Modern & Avantgarde
Budapest II.

shell&core works
3,000&4,000 sqm
Corvinus University of Budapest & Studium Office Building
Budapest, IX.

55,000 sqm
Best European Public Development in 2007

National Tax and Customs Administration and Financial Intelligence Unit
- office building
Budapest, III.
14,000 sqm
Beflex-Nyomdaker warehouses I-III. phases
Budapest, IX.
1st phase 4 month from design to completion
4,000 sqm & 4,000 sqm & 1,000 sqm

Project management -
Listed buildings
Máriássy Loft Offices
Budapest, IX

13,000 sqm

Butique Hotel Concept
Andrássy Avenue (World Heritage Site) -
Budapest, VI.
project management of design phase for Hotel Missoni in 2011

Hotel Clark
Budapest, I.
project management of design phase for 25h Hotel
The building permit was obtained in 2012.
Hotel Alba - Medical Hotel Concept
Székesfehérvár, Hungary
project management of design phase
The building permit was obtained in 2012.
Hegyvidek Shopping Mall
Budapest, XII.

project management 2011-2012
asset /general management 2012-2015

Highly Commended and Green Retail Development in 2012.
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