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Bruno Mars Songs Mood and Tone

No description

Jessica Wolff

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Bruno Mars Songs Mood and Tone

Mood and Tone Bruno Mars Songs Count On Me Talking to the Moon Grenade It Will Rain Just the Way You Are Mood Tone The mood is confident because he feels confident that he would be there for someone and they would be there for him. The tone is cheerful yet calm
because he doesn't have to worry since they are there for each other. Mood The mood is regretful because the girl didn't truly like him and he had made the mistake of thinking she did like him. Tone The tone is depressed because he he would risk his life for her though she wouldn't for him. Mood Tone The mood is sad and scared because he believes that that person is all he has and he wants them back. The tone is depressing because it is sung in a sad and slow voice Mood Tone The mood is upset and worried because he doesn't want her to leave him and he doesn't feel he could handle her leaving him. The tone is strained because it sounds like it hurts him to think about her leaving him. Mood Tone The mood is in love because he really likes this girl and is saying that she is so beautiful and there is nothing wrong with her. The tone is glad and joyful because he likes her so much and he is proud to say that he believes that she is perfect and beautiful.
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