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Major events from the Tragedy of Julius Caesar.

No description

Cassie Hirschfield

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of Major events from the Tragedy of Julius Caesar.

Act 1 Scene 1
Flavius and Murellus
Took down all the decorations that were for Caesar
Act 1 Scene 2
Told Caesar to beware the ides of March

Act 1 Scene 2
Brutus and Cassius
Cassius tries to get Brutus to join the conspirator to kill Caesar

Act 1 Scene 2
Casca, Cassius, and Brutus
Casca tells them that Caesar denied the crown three times then fainted in the crowd
Act 1 Scene 3
Casca, Cassius, and Cinna
They place letters all over for Brutus to try to get him to join the Conspirators

Major events from the Tragedy of Julius Caesar.
By: Cassie Hirschfield
Act 2 Scene 1
Conspirators and Brutus
They meet on the ides of Mach and consider killing Antony, but decide against it.

Act 2 Scene 2
Caesar and Calphurnia
Calphurnia wants Caesar to stay home because of the Ides of March.
Act 2 Scene 3
He made a letter to Caesar warning him about the Conspirators.
Act 3 Scene 1
Artemidorus and Caesar
Caesar refuses to read Artmedorus' Letter saying he did not have to listen to his demands.
Act 3 Scene 1
Conspirators and Ceasar
Caesar is stabbed and killed by the Conspirators at the Senate.
Act 3 Scene 1
Brutus, Cassius and Antony
Antony requests to talk to Brutus and Cassius to find out why Caesar was killed and asks to speak at Caesars funeral.
Act 3 Scene 1
He speaks to himself saying Caesar will be Avenged.
Act 3 Scene 2
Brutus, Antony and Crowd
Brutus speaks to the crowd saying it was good Caesar died, then Antony went up, and told them about Caesars will, and started a war against Brutus.
Act 4 Scene 1
Antony, Octavius and Lepidus
The three make the Triumvirate.
Act 4 Scene 3
Brutus and Cassius
Brutus tests his friendship with Cassius.
Act 4 Scene 3
Brutus and Caesar
Caesars ghost comes to Brutus' tent and says he'll see Brutus on the Battlefield.
Act 5 Scene 3
Cassius and Pindarus
Pindarus holds Cassius' sword while Cassius runs into the sword.
Act 5 Scene 3
Dies by stabbing himself with Cassius' sword after finding Cassius Dead.
Act 5 Scene 5
Brutus and Strato
Strato holds Brutus' sword while he runs into it.
Act 5 Scene 5
Octavius and Antony
They win the battle and give Brutus a proper burial.
The End
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