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The Change Album: Greatest Hits

No description

Hillary Brewer

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of The Change Album: Greatest Hits

Theoretical Interpretation
Track 2- Extended Cut
People change what they do because they are shown a truth that influences their FEELINGS.

Operating in the Kotter framework, the district:

Would appeal to emotions of staff to build the guiding team & create buy-in

Share data to create the urgency

Share student success stories early & often

Change is technically simple, but socially complex
Track 2- Kotter

Increase Urgency
Build the Guiding Team
Get the Vision Right
Communicate for Buy-In
Empower Action
Create Short-Term Wins
Don't Let Up
Make Change Stick

Track 1- Bridges
Change is situational
Transition is psychological
Transition is a 3-phase process

Help people let go
Lead people through the neutral zone
Launch the new beginning

Each author's message on change is performed by a different artist or sung to a different beat.
The individual songs make up a compilation album. When we listen to the full album, we have a rich framework to inspire us to successfully move through a change initiative.
The Change Album:
Greatest Hits

The Heart of Change
Eight Stages of Successful Change
Track 3- Fullan
The New Meaning of Educational Change
Managing Transitions.
Making the Most of Change
Track 1- Extended Cut
Operating in the framework of Bridges, the district:

Would help staff let go of the previous AIS Math teacher role

Be clear and communicate often, the vision and purpose of the Math Coach positions and share student achievement data to show small wins

Celebrate success stories and the overall success of the initiative
Track 3- Extended Cut
Elements of Successful Change
Define closing the gap
Attend to literacy, numeracy and well-being
Tap into people's dignity and sense of respect
Ensure the best people are working on the problem
Strategies are socially based & action oriented
Continuously work on building people's capacity
Stay the course
Build internal accountability linked to external accountability
Establish conditions for the evolution of positive pressure
Use strategies above to build public confidence
Moral Purpose & Knowledge Drive Success
Operating in the framework of Fullan, the district:

Increased attention & resources to math instruction to define the goal

Respected the feelings of staff and checked in to ensure they feel they have the tools needed

Embedded math coaches versus offering sporadic PD to build the support system & also build the capacity of the teaching staff
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