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Viral Marketing

No description

Nick Zawisza

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing You tell a friend about an out-of-this-world movie trailer you just watched on Facebook Because of social media that information does not only stay between people but gets spread on the internet Thanks to social networking sites a well thought out marketing campaign can explode For Viral Marketing to work you need:
The right message with over 40 million hits It's all about word-of-mouth
Viral marketing is an idea that spreads and while it's spreading it's helping you market your business or cause
Viral marketing is highly powerful in generating brand awareness and high traffic Viral Marketing works like an interesting
story; where the story passes from
person to person Your friend in turn tells
two of theirs friends Who then tell their friends Before you know it everyone
is watching the video The intended message has spread, it generated an interest and the company/person behind it is profiting The right message should be simple and plain. If the message can generate a strong
desire for the person to pass it on
you can safely say that it will become viral Because simple is easier to understand The right platform will ensure that the message gets seen and that it can be easily shared.
For example embedding your message
into a Examples of some effective viral marketing techniques are: VIDEOS
Videos are a great tool
for viral marketing because
of its attractiveness and
popularity. Sites such as YouTube
allows marketers to post sharp,
interesting videos and add an
edge to their business. E-BOOKS
E-Books can be sold across the world.
They are a great technique due to their extensive reach and popularity
An E-Book is also cost effective and can reach a large audience
A newsletter is one of the most
effective tools to always remain in touch with your user.
It can be printed weekly, fortnightly or monthly which gives the writer the freedom to get the message across as frequently as needed.
A well written article with maybe a sales pitch entwined can generate a huge buzz and
bring about awareness to the issue TWEET BUTTON
A tweet button is a small
widget that allows users to
easily share your website with
their followers. This handy feature
allows users the facility of tweeting
from any source... like your website. SHARE WIDGET
Similar to a Tweet button a share widget enables visitors to easily share
and bookmark a website with the help
of social networking sites. And with the popularity of social media sites one can see the importance of including a share widget on a website. SOCIAL MEDIA
Social media and Viral Marketing
are synonymous to each other. Without
sites such as Facebook and Twitter it is hard
to imagine the concept of viral marketing. We have all heard of Justin Bieber Prior to 2008 he was just a regular kid SO WHAT CHANGED Or should I say what changed him? A Video Over 42, 500, 000 hits On the right platform Captivating Attractive Original A successful Viral Marketing campaign is:
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