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the fire within

No description

josh schopf

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of the fire within

The fire within
The conflict in this story is man vs self. The real probem is that david doesnt love his dragon. there is some man vs man with mr. Bacon. But him not loving his dragon is the main conflict.
the setting is a town much like gurnee in the 21st century. They have computers, cars and printers. The town is like gurnee it has a main section it also has a suburb part. It is a little different it has some farm land it also is kind of a college town theres a college and the resedence can have the colledge students stay with them
the protagonist of this story is david
sence its a man v.s. self conflict theres not really an antagonist. David really progresses through the story because he becomes more into beleving in to the belief of dragons and becomes more open minded
the theme is that every one has a dragon you just have to love them when you loose them you loose a part of your self. Like when david sends his dragon away he cant write and he becomes really mean.
Authors craft
This book was good its not my favriot but it was not bad I would say its probably number five on my list. If you saw the cover you would think its about some swart of dragon adventure but in the story there not saving dragons there saving a squerriel. The story wasnt bad but if it were not for the cover I probably would have picked up the book.
Similies and metaphores
this book has alot of metaphores and similies especially in the sensory imagery

example: she stood up strait beaming like a light house
this book has some personification

example: the dragons can kiln things and write on note pads.
Plot development
The book starts with david moving in. During the whole rising action david doesnt belive in dragons. There are 2 climaxes where david saves conker and when he rekindles his dragon.
Plot mountian
Sensory imagery
this book has alot of sensory imagery infact if you skiped it all you could probably finish the book in half the time

examples: "the dragon blinked. Its scaly green ears priked up and swiveled. David had a feeling he should know his name, but the dream wouldn't bring it to mind for the moment.
the plot has 2 climaxes
1 is where they save conker the squirrel and 2 is where david has to rekindle his dragon
Plot mountian
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