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Global Career Site Award Presentation

Presentation for the Global HR Board

Tom Verbeke

on 24 July 2013

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Transcript of Global Career Site Award Presentation

Or how we managed to deliver on a "One Sony" Employer Branding Strategy and launch Sony`s new global career portal!
in 5 slides... or so...
How do we attract top global talent
to ensure competitiveness as an
Cool things are happening in Sony!
Thank you for your attention :-)

Any questions???
The Global Career Portal story...
Launch of the Global Career Portal
We also needed to align our brand message to Sony`s Mission, Vision and Values!!
Sony`s presence on the Web crucial for business and brand,
as well as a global employer!!!!!
Google Trend data: google search `Sony` vs `Samsung` & `Apple`
Some of the things we did...
So we started a collaboration with Sony Europe & a design agency in London ("The Team")
Stakeholder Interviews...
A workgroup across ALL regions and sister companies was created!
...then held a Global Generation Y workshop (London) to find out what young generation values in employers & career sites
...this informed our long term talent acquisition and Employer Branding strategy and designs!!
Social media
Unified local sites
Outreach material
Talent network
Standalone global site
Global jobs database
Global hub site
Q4 2013
Q4 2012
Global careers roadmap
Global Hub Site
Standalone Career Site
Unified local sites
Social Media
Global Jobs Database and ATS Strategy
Talent & Alumni Networks
Monday, November 26, 2012
GHR Board presentation
…where people can develop and grow.
…an innovative company…
To leverage strengths of Sony as a truly Global company
Employee Value Proposition
Progress Update 2: Global Employer Branding
USD197K in SEL (vendor)
USD55K in SEL (LinkedIn
social media consolidation)
Back-up material
Up 300 - 400%...
Back-up material 2
SGS Maintenance cost before and after:

Monthly Charge of JPY35,000 - unchanged
Weight charge: JPY2,000yen (250yen/MB, Careers has 8MB files as of now) - slight increase given file size of site
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