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The Noble Experiment

No description

jennifer olivo

on 29 February 2016

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Transcript of The Noble Experiment

Who is Branch Rickey and who was invole of the nobel experiment?
Branch Rickey is the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers he wants to to integrate baseball (1943) "Felt the time for equality in baseball had come"

Jackie Robinson was the person who was in the Noble Experiment he believed that it was a good cause.

The Noble Experiment?(1947)
The Noble Experiment is a cause to end segregation in baseball.The person who started the noble experiment is a man named Branch Rickey.He started the cause of it because he "felt the time for equality in baseball had come".He would look everywhere to find a negro player to show he was"a great baseball player and a fine gentlemen" and "the guts not to fight back".He had to find a nergro player who can stand being called names,things getting throwed at him.And his own team.That players name is Jackie Robinson he went through resetment ,attack, and death threats but that didnt stop him because he believed in the cause.
Rosa Parks
What Inspires People to take action to improve their world?
What inspires people is the person who inspires the people because of what he/she did like a action that inspires people and show that anything can happen if you keep trying.
The Civil Rights Movement
What inspires people to take action to improve their world?

By Jennifer Olivo
The Civil Rights Movement
Barbra Johns
Barbra Johns was a important to the Civil Rights Movements because in her all black school they didn´t have good supplies instead her school got run down supplies from the white school.She wasn´t happy so her and the school went on a strike she did this because it not equal the school was ¨separate but equal¨ it really wasn´ t. The whitw schhol would give their old deskes and their old textbooks the school was dilapiated
Rosa Parks was part of the Civil
Rights Movement people say that she is the mother of the Civil Rights Movement for what she has done that changes peoples lives forever. The way she did it is by just standing up for what she feels right.When Rosa was coming on the bus from a hard day of work she was just sitting on the bus and a white man got on the bus.The bus driver told her to give up her seat for a white man to sit but rosa didn't think that was fair she refused to give up her seat after that she got arrested for that but people was inspired from that they were outraged so the people started the bus boycott where no black people would ride then bus until they allow black people to sit on any part of the bus and not give up their seats to anyone and now balcks can sit any where they like
The Greensboro 4
February 1, 1969 in Greensboro, North Carolina 4 African American teenagers go to a lunch counter at Woolworths and ask to be served and they wouldn't leave until they were served.The service refused and wouldn't serve them this went on for 5 months and sparked sit-ins in 7 different states.On July, lunch counters were now desegregated they are ''Heros of the Civil Rights Movemet
Selma 1965
The march to end discrimination against black voters. The march was led by Martin Luther king Jr where erged teens to march for the rights of black people to vote in Selma,Alabama .For black people they have to pay heavy poll taxes and if they can pay that poll than they would have to take hard tests.They would be bullied,physically attacked, and could lose their jobs for just trying to vote. They did a peaceful protest and all of a sudden attackers from Sherriff Jim Clark led bloody attacks which on March 7th it is known as Bloody Sunday.When this attack happen it was on air people saw the horriable action happening on TV and seeing how black people are being treated and they didn't do anything but march a peaceful protest.People watching was outraged for what is happening to these people.The Governor Wallace and the Sherriff actions.After their first one they did another one and now the Governor has allowed black voters to vote.
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