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why did they kill Abraham Lincoln

No description

Stephanie Weiss

on 2 June 2017

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Transcript of why did they kill Abraham Lincoln

why did they kill Abraham Lincoln
booth killed abraham lincoln because he made a law for african americans can vote.
who killed him?
john wilks booths
what year did he die
what happen to booth
booth was killed by union soldiers was not found until 12 days
what gun did lincoln get killed with
he got shot with a 44-caliber pistol
where did they kill Abraham Lincoln
fords theater in washington D.C.
no, because he believed it was important for ordinary people to have asses to the president.


Frames (S

on the assassination day did lincoln have body gaursds
where did the bullet hit lincoln
Lincoln got shoot in the head during the assassination
did Lincoln die in the white house or in the hospital
Lincoln died in the theater
where did booth hide after the assassination
booth hide in port royal virginia
websites used
www.fords.org www.history.com
www visibleproofs
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