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The Influence Humans have on the Water Cycle: Pollution

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Kevin Yu

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of The Influence Humans have on the Water Cycle: Pollution

A trip through the water cycle: Pollution Bad
Human Interventions
Consequences Now the other side:
Good Human Interventions on
Pollution! Pollution When we plant trees, they trees slow down surface run-off enough so water can sink into the ground How some of those affect the Water Cycle
positively -Increase your awareness of electricity use
-Bring your own bag when you go grocery shopping
-Buy locally grown food
-Plant a tree
-Lower the thermostat on your water heater to 120F
-Recycle paper, plastic, glass bottles, cardboard, and aluminum cans
-Purchase energy saving appliances Things you can do to reduce Pollution FUN FACT! While I was searching up Acid Rain I found out that Co2 was a bad chemical, the stuff that we breath out of our lungs! So in a way, we ourselves are pollutants! Where does it come from? Pollution can come from many different places and can affect many different things, it can come from garbage dumps, emissions and waste from factories, smoking, cars, airplanes and other things that release toxic chemicals into the air and water. What does it do? Pollution causes damage to wildlife. One of the ways it does that is when factories dump their waste into rivers and streams, thinking that the water will dilute it. But it doesn't. It just makes the water more dirty, making it more difficult for the fish to breath and causes them to get sick. Run-off from do a similar thing. Oil spills are one of the worst types of water pollution in my opinion. Why? The oil coats the skins of fish and other animals, and damages the ability for the scales on their body to keep them warm, leading to a slow and painful death. Acid Rain Pollution from factories and cars go up into the atmosphere,(eg. Co2, Sulfur). It mixes with water vapor in the air, so when they fall down as rain the chemicals in the water also fall down onto structures. This is referred to as acid rain. Acid rain doesn't harmlessly fall onto the ground and structures. It sometimes kills trees, which means that there will be less trees to slow down surface run-off so it can sink into the ground and become groundwater. In some places it's so bad that people have to cover valuable public statues with waterproof covers to prevent them from being damaged. How it affects our water cycle: How it affects our water cycle:Air Pollution Air pollution causes some of moisture in the clouds to evaporate before it ever hits the ground, which decreases the amount of water on the ground. It has also been theorized that air pollution reduces ground level winds, which can decrease evaporation from lakes and rivers, which is needed for precipitation Quiz!!! Question #1 When oil coats the body of a fish, what does it damage the ability for their scales to do? Oil on the body of fish damage the ability for the scales to keep them warm. Question #2 How do some people protect statues against acid rain? Some people protect statues against acid rain by covering them with waterproof covers How to affects our water cycle:Water Pollution Water pollution is when bad chemicals get into bodies or flows of water. Water pollution affects the water cycle because when pollutants get into water, it need a higher temperature to evaporate than it normally does. Think about it! Also, we control the amount of water we use, so
less of it goes into the sea where it's a lot harder to
access. Though this is more for our own good than the water cycles. That's my presentation. I hoped you learned something new
about the Water Cycle. And remember, conserve water!
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