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Becoming an Online Slueth!

No description

Sally Barker

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Becoming an Online Slueth!

Becoming an Online Sleuth!
We believe...
There is no author, but there is a separate page for contact information for both technical and educational questions
The contacts include addresses, emails, and phone numbers
The content is presented in a balanced way, and no bias is shown
There are no ads, and all pictures are real and related to the topic
A picture featured on the previous website
Which website would you rather use??
Compare that to the pictures on the other website
This website is clearly biased. It says, referring to life outside of Earth, that "The truth is undeniable."
The pictures are obviously fake and drawn by pre-schoolers.
The subject is not gone into in depth, and there are very distracting ads.
Do not use this website!!!!!
Is there life outside of Earth?
I pledge allegiance to Mrs. Barker

To never cyber-bully

To the public or even the private.

One Classroom

For which we stand...

Never separated and always united

With privacy and protection for all

God bless the Internet!!!
Proof Website is Bad
1. Very fake drawings
2. Extremely biased
3. "Proof" supported by 8-12 year-olds and dead people
4. Random, distracting ads
5. Based on guesses and unknown lights
Please Stand for the Pledge of the Web
Repeat after Rachel!!!!


Place your hand over your heart!!!!


Face the picture of a computer!!!!
That this site is accurate because...
The content is unbiased
The subject is discussed in depth
It is current
The pictures are helpful
They assist us in learning
No advertisements are included
So... what have we learned??

1. Look for the following...
2. You have pledged your allegiance to Mrs. Barker. Never cyber-bully, and be a great digital citizen.
3. Cheese is delicious!!!
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