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Writing a protest song for 2014

EPQ Presentation

Kirtana Medimi

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Writing a protest song for 2014

Writing a protest song for 2014
Why did I choose this topic?
Songwriting is one of my hobbies
I noticed a lack in contemporary protest songs and that young people especially weren't taking to this protest form to get heard
Oppurtunity for in depth research on a topic not studied in school
Protest music during the African American Civil Rights Movement
Songwriting Process
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' Same Love (2013)
EPQ Presentation by Kirtana Medimi
Performance of my song at the
protest song concert. Featuring the voices of Alice Uggles and Sally Lardner.
Researching protest songs lead me to explore many sources which discuss the lack of protest songs in the 21st Century
Initial title ideas:
-Exploring the effect of ballads as a narrative form of music
-Writing an educational song on a historical event
What to protest about...?
I eventually settled on the idea of writing a meta-protest song.
Ideas ranged from writing on specific topics such as war, and legalisation of gay marriage.
Choosing a topic
What I listened to:
1) Successful protest songs of the past
2) Contemporary protest songs
3) Songs by my favourite artists
Nirvana played a prominent role in the Seattle grunge scene
at a time of the sub-genre punk reaching popularity
Artists covering protest songs
Part of the Agit8 ONE protest song revival campaign
What I learnt
Areas of improvement
Thankyou for listening
I now welcome any questions
Use of social media to share my song to a wider audience
Start writing the song sooner
Make the jump for finishing the song to recording/performing sooner

Outcome of my extended project
"If you have seditious thoughts, why would you express them via free-market capitalism's favourite art form?” - John Harries, Guardian (2010)
Purpose - to make more of the student body aware of protest songs and perhaps inspire them to write their own

Overall a success! My post-performance questionnaires gave a positive response to my song

Not all my results were what I expected and some opened up new perspectives on my target audience
Using opinion based newspaper articles and blogs
C# B A E
Verse of old version of lyrics:

Could we all just be
Blowin’ in the wind
With not a penny in the bank
That’s truly ours to spend

“When you feel in your gut what you are and then dynamically pursue it - don't back down and don't give up - then you're going to mystify a lot of folks.”
-Bob Dylan
Personal Development
-Perserve through creative struggles, the end result may never be perfect but that's besides the purpose
-Anxieties over singing/sharing original work are minor drawbacks, overcoming this allows artists to grow
Academic Development:
-Importance of prioritise tasks according to importance
-Be realistic when planning ahead
-Don't spend too long researching
Protest song: A song that expresses disproval usually about a politcial subject
- Cambridge Online Dictionaries
I wrote a protest song aimed at a contemporary audience with a largely positive receoption
I organised a JAMNESTEA protest song concert
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