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moving arguments

a map of my current research project (book and related media artifacts).

bonnie lenore kyburz

on 10 November 2013

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Transcript of moving arguments

moving arguments:
film-composition's "invisible galleries"
documenting an emergent film-composition, chronicling our affective, intellectual, and rhetorically rich engagements with film, this book wants to argue for film
in Composition by articulating
an expansive range of rhetorically
defensible arguments as a way of
"completing" earlier arguments via new
reasons and new forms of evidence
(beyond simple hope) that derive from
critical discourses on affect, film, image, multimodality, and perspective.
film-composition gave me tangible access to a wide(r) range of emotions that seemed to be(come) more readily available for critical reflection, analysis, and articulation as i attempted to render material my interior state of mind. whereas the stunning audacity of the Bush
Adminsitration had frightened, outraged, and silenced me into a kind of disengaged "retreat," my work as a film composer reanimated my interest in current affairs and remobilized my sense of political, rhetorical, and aesthetic agency.
the proposal
the introduction
early scholarship
select annotated bibliography
recent scholarship
nb, all links are as of this date, 10/12/2013, out-of-date, as the documents have been appreciably revised. i will be deleting the links as the project makes its way to publication, but i leave them here, for now, to help the snapshot come into view.
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