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My Learning Reflection

My reflection to my learning experiences in Intro. to Computers.

Darcie Pleasant

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of My Learning Reflection

My Learning Experiences What I learned from other students in the class The value of the
blog assignments The value of the virtual field trip What I liked about
the class
One thing that I feel needs to be changed about this course The value of
the quizzes Suggestions for change
for future classes Technologies that might be
useful to you as a
future educator I learned how to make my
projects better by the
comments peers left
on my entires. I loved building my own website!
It was my first time doing it For the future classes, I would just tell them to stay on top of your work at all time, keep reading the e-mails and go to office hours if you need help! Also, do NOT wait last minute to start your weekly modules, they usually take way longer than you think! Sometimes the directions were confusing and I thought more information could be provided since it's an online class. The quizzes were tough for me, but they were very important so the teacher would know if his learning onjectives were being met. I loved every single of the technologies we used in the class. My favorite was thephotoscape, I use it all the time now to crop, and changed my pictures! It's very helpful :) I learned alot from the blog assignments, I have never used a blog and now I know why they are so helpful, its an easy way to communicate with your group members and post comments for people to read! The VFT was nice because it will definitely be using in it my own classroom when the class can't go on real trips to far away places.
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