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Hip Hop Ed TO

No description

Brandon Zoras

on 9 February 2013

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Transcript of Hip Hop Ed TO

My Hip Hop Story Boys and Girl Clubs - Galloway, Scarborough
Love for Hip Hop - 36 Chambers, Maestro @ EC
Experiment in my own classroom
Smart Board Virtual DJ
Krump Out Crime - Toronto Police
Pathways to Education - Regent Park
Thesis - Urban Boys and Science Education
Chris Emdin and Sam Seidel
#HipHopEd - Tuesday 9 PM
Cypher in Biology Elements of Hip Hop - Emcee
- DJ
- B-Boy
- Graffiti Artist Textual, oral, and visual representations influence the way in which people discern and interpret their world and experiences. It also informs the manner in which people interact with the world and understand their individual selves - Ellsworth 1994 Researching African Canadian Women - Indigenous Knowledge and the Politics of Representation - Daniel Let's Talk Hip Hop Sam Seidel
Brandon Zoras
The Real Sun 1. Brandon Zoras - Welcome
2. Introductions
3. Sam Seidel - Hip Hop Genius
4. J-Rebel + The Real Sun
Don't Believe the Hype
5. Discussion
6. Networking / Closing Agenda #HipHopEdTO Hip Hop into Schools
Choice Boards Hip Hop Genius For those interested in dismantling systems of oppression and building a more just society, Hip Hop Genius is an essential ingredient. As Brazilian educator Paolo Freire writes, "The oppressed can overcome the contradiction in which they are caught only when this perception enlists them in a struggle to free themselves" The more intentional everyone is in honoring and cultivating young peoples' creativity and sense of empowerment, the more profound the changes young people will be able to enact both to their personal circumstances and to biased social structure.

- Sam Seidel, Hip Hop Genius P. 14 1) Science and Social Justice
Action Project

2) Krump Out Crime Sam Seidel hiphopgenius.org Goals 1) Engage in critical discussion on
Hip Hop Education

2) Move beyond discussion by
make connections and first steps

3) Two way street of building up schools and community together equitably Who's In The Room? 1) Name
2) Affiliation, School, Company, Etc
3) Why you are here! Don't Believe the Hype Acknowledgment of Land Before we begin today we would like to acknowledge that we are presently located on the traditional lands of the Mississauga of the New Credit First Nation. The name Toronto means “Meeting Place” as this region was also the meeting place of many other First Nation peoples who used this land. Conversation Thank You Sam Seidel
The Real Sun
Attendees J-Rebel
The Real Sun
sun@therealsun.com Three Challenges to Hip-Hop Education Three Suggestions for Hip-Hop Education Think Bigger
Listen to/Follow Students Too Literal & Too Literary
We Haven't Caught Up with Us
We Don't Battle Enough
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