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History of Music Education Timeline

A history of American Music Education

Kallie McCullough

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of History of Music Education Timeline

American Music Education Timeline 1635- First public school
1636- First University (Harvard)
1640- Bay Psalm book printed with no music
1650s- Secular music and instruments generally tolerated by Puritans; Sacred music is still preferred
1700- Instrument business begins to grow
1712- First Singing School for adults begins
1716- Instruments arrive from London--Flageolets, Flutes, Haut-boys, Bass-viols, Violins, Bows, Strings, Reeds for Haut-boys, books of instruction, and books of ruled paper
1721- Songbooks with musical notation
1750s- "Deaconing" introduced to general congregation (deacon recites line of a psalm and congregation then sings it)
1760s- Music lessons are taught at a Philadelphia coffeehouse
1770- Sacred tunebooks are published
1778- Thomas Jefferson, member of Tuesday club music group, called music "the favorite passion of my soul" 1801- "The Easy Instructor" is published with shape notation
1820s- Lowell Mason, "father of public school music teaching", appears on the scene
1830- Mason widened his interests from psalmody to include teaching secular music
1830s- Mason formed earliest known singing school for children which was taught free of charge
1832- Mason founded the Boston Academy of Music with George James Webb
1834- Mason published Manual of the Boston Academy of Music
1837- Mason, with 3 assistants approached the Boston school board and offered free singing classes in the public schools
1838- Because of Mason's success in the schools, music is declared a regular subject and Mason and his assistants are hired as teachers
1838- Mason is named the superintendent of music in Boston School System
1841- William B. Bradbury, choir member of Mason's at the New York Baptist Church. Also published first tunebook entitled "The Young Choir"
1800s 1600s and 1700s
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