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Flowers for Algernon Letters Project

No description

Tim Li

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Flowers for Algernon Letters Project

Previously, I knew of a man who was retarded and was ignorant of everything around him. He was always smiling, and had many friends as well. This man also had the peculiar strong and eager desire to become an intelligent man. This strong ambition this man had to evolve into a new intelligent being became his downfall. This man is Charlie Gordon before the operation and the current Charlie is the author of this memoir. I wish for the old Charlie to hear this, and consider to never participate in the dreaded operation and eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. By: Tejas Gopal, Sai Ravi, Tim Li The Idiotic Genius Somebody that I used to know The operation triggered a swarm of harm towards me, but before that life was acceptable. Ms. Kinnian had always made an effort to try and teach me how to read and write, and she was always incredibly kind to me. I worked at a bakery owned by Mr.Donner who is also my uncle's best friend. Mr. Donner was taking good care of me, and he even gave me a stable job. The employees in the bakery all loved to laugh when I'm around. Now I understand that they were hilariously mocking at how incompetent and stupid I was, but before the operation I never knew this. This ignorance that I possessed back then created an illusion that these employees of Mr. Donner were actually my friends. After gaining the knowledge I wanted, I have the sort of feeling that life's joyous quality that it used to have disappeared. My changes FAt people are fat The operation My Miserable
Childhood and Deportment Unlike regular families with loving and caring families, my family rejected me. Though my father, Matt always defended me, my mother Rose and my sister Norma didn't treat me like I was a human being. Norma always hated me for reasons unknown to me. Maybe it was because of the level of intelligence I attained at the certain time that affected how she perceived me. Either way, her resentment against me was very noticeable. My mother had the overwhelming desire for a normal child, and the sight of me brought shame to her. She has done everything in her power to alter me into a ordinary person. Perhaps this was the origination of my longing for knowledge. My mother was absolutely insane about turning me normal. In fact, she's insane. She threatened to kill me if I wasn't sent to the Warren State Home. Thankfully, my uncle took care of me until the operation happened. I heard discussions between Professor Nemur and Dr. Strauss about having an I.Q. improver. One day Ms. Kinnian (my teacher back when I had an IQ of about 68) and the doctors approached me and asked me if I wanted to be smart. I've always wished to be an intelligent man, so I accepted the offer. I thought that it was a dream come true for me. However, the consequences are incredibly severe, and joining the operation was a mistake. After the operation, my IQ skyrocketed to unmeasurable amounts... ...and my desire was fulfilled. After the operation, the world was in an entirely new perspective. I started to understand all of the incredible things around me, both unpleasant and pleasing. Before I became the intelligent being I am now, I've always wanted to comprehend what everyone around have been arguing and chatting about. Now, I have a firm grasp of what politics, religion, and art is. Strange feelings inside me start to build up during certain events though. I don't have any grasp on what these mysterious feelings are. Some feelings turn my face bright red, others create certain types of liquids that flow down my eyes. There are even dangerous feelings that make me feel like an animal, that form some sort of hormone that command my body to do barbaric actions that I've never dreamed of ever doing. Apparently these are "emotions." I haven't read any books that talk about these feelings, but I anticipate a grim future for me without control over these so called emotions. My exile During a normal day at the bakery I noticed that Gimpy (employee in Mr Donner's bakery) was giving lower prices to certain customers. I ignored the first few incidents at first, thinking it was just a careless mistake. Later on as I closely observe his actions, I realize that he is continuously doing this, sneakily slipping a few coins in his back pocket. I was appalled! Why would someone try to cheat someone as nice as Mr.Donner?! I've never had experience in this type of situation, and I didn't know what type of decision to make. I asked many people but only Alice managed to guide me in the right path. I spoke to Gimpy and made it clear that I didn't like this and wanted it to stop. He was angry and he stormed out. A few days later Mr.Donner called me down and told me that I couldn't work there anymore. I was shocked. I was being kicked out of my only home into a world I didn't know before. Fanny Birden discussed with me about the story of Adam and Eve. I realized that I was getting exiled out of my paradise. Am I Charlie Gordon? I was so confused. Professor Nemur and Dr. Strauss act as if I wasn't a human before the experiment. They treat me as if they are my creators and they want me to suck up to them. I met Matt in his barbershop. I was hoping that he would recognize me as his son, approve and be proud of me. He didn't even recognize me! Then it hit me I wasn't his son! His son was the old Charlie, the Charlie Gordon. The End After this entire experience I wish that I didn't take part in this experiment. Due to this experiment my life fell apart little by little. Everybody who I used to know as friends deserted me, Mr.Donner, the man who treated me like his own son, kicked me out of my "paradise". I wish I had never taken that experiment. I guess ignorance is bliss after all. It robbed me of my identity and destroyed me. Retarded Charlie From: Unknown

To: The Charlie Gordon Who Am I???
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