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Group 4 Project 1

No description


on 11 July 2014

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Transcript of Group 4 Project 1

Create a monitoring circuit that dispenses aspirin for heart attack and stroke survivors at a regular time interval.

Dispense if no risk factors are present

Dispense with a warning if one risk factor is present

Don't dispense if two risk factors are present

Don't dispense if all 3 risk factors are present and sound an alarm

Our Plan
We began our project by creating logic circuits of the light system and the alarm.
Then we created a drawn out breadboard to visualize the process and plan out the device
The Process
First, we cut A LOT of wires

After, we constructed a working alarm system

Then, we started wiring the logic and lights of the delivery system.
The Team
David- Created the layout of the logic and assisted in the wiring of the system
Matt- Helped design and constructed the logic system
Sean- Masterfully created and designed the prezi presentation and web journal for Group 4
Brandon- Assembled the alarm system and 555 timer
Clark- Aided in preparing materials and produced a functioning flip flop system
Medicine Delivery System
Group 4

Successes and Failures
We did not reach the end goal. All of our connections were correct but we were informed by Santosh that one of the wires in the logic system shorted out leaving it inoperable.
Connection to Engineering
Technical Difficulties!
We ran into some wiring issues and tested the system with a multimeter to find the problem
We ended up trashing the whole logic system and started from scratch!
The Medicine Delivery System that our team created is associated with both electrical engineering and bioengineering. Electrical engineers design, develop, and test the manufacturing and installation of electrical equipment and systems for scientific use. Bioengineering integrates the engineering sciences with the biomedical sciences to help improve human health.
Our team applied these two professions by using electrical systems to perform a medical task, distributing medicine to a patient which could possibly save their life. Engineers have an incredible responsibility to create working components where failure is not an option.
From the beginning, everyone was assigned different objectives to complete.
We all worked to our fullest ability, helping each other and learning from one another. By the end of the week we had formed the ultimate team!
We completed a working 555 timer for the system.
We succeeded in completing the rest of the systems in the project, but errors in the main circuit prevented complete success.
Although our project did not work because of technical difficulties, our group still had a great experience putting it together and leaning more about electrical engineering.
The Logic System
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