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Steal Their Style: Taylor Swift

School Presentation

Jaskiran Virdy

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Steal Their Style: Taylor Swift

Steal Their Style: Taylor Swift Blue Dress Glasses My Item Price: $27.90

Taylor Swifts Price: $89.99 My Item Price: $34.90

Taylor Swifts Price: $40.00 Mustard Yellow Cardigan My Item Price: $10.00

Taylor Swifts Price: $25.95 Purse Beige Shoes My Item Price: $8.90

Taylor Swifts Price: $50.99 My Item Price: $49.99

Taylor Swifts Price: $80.95 Store:
Forever XXI Store: Garage Store: Forever XXI Store:
Payless Store:
Garage Taylor Swifts Items:

Blue Dress - $89.99
Beige Shoes - $80.95
Glasses - $50.99
Mustard Yellow Cardigan - $40.00
Green Bag - $25.95

Total Money Spent:
$287.88 Ordering The Items from
Greatest To Least My Items:

Shoes - $49.99
Navajo Mustard
Cardigan - $34.90
Blue Dress - $27.90
Bag - $10.00
Aztec Printed Glasses -

Total Money Spent:
$131.69 I saved
$156.19 Item was on sale! Was on Clearance Saved $62.09 Saved $5.10 Saved $15.95 Saved $30.96 Saved $42.09 Expanded Form:

Word Form:
Two hundred eighty seven dollars and
eighty eight cents

Standard Form: $287.88

Other Forms:
2 hundred eighty 7 dollars and eighty 8

2 100 80 7 dollars and 80 8 cents Expanded Form:

Word Form:
One hundred thirty one dollars and
sixty nine cents

Standard Form: $131.69

Other Forms:
1 hundred thirty 1 dollars and sixty 9 cents

1 100 30 1 dollars and 60 9 cents My design is better because it is cheaper and people who want to dress like Taylor Swift can but at a lower price! Also this outfit I made is more stylish and I think it will look good on anyone! Justifying Why my design
is better! Exact Item! Taylor Swift's
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