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My Life Ring

No description

Juliana Jaramillo

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of My Life Ring

My Life Ring
This is my ultimate goal in life. I want to love my WORK, be professionally satisfied, while making a positive IMPACT on others. I want to ENJOY my free time, and make the most of it - no more TV*!
Call mom, dad, tata, abue, Queta
Visit/call/text uncle & Cami (at least once a week)
Graduate School
Study for GRE
Write essays
Re-write essays
Seriously, open the GRE book NOW!
Be healthy
Go to the GYM (or cancel it, but DO something)
STOP eating quesadillas! I know they're really good, fast and easy to make, but
. I mean it!

Save for school / traveling
from all possible sources of promotions of any kind of product/service/discount/groupon/livingsocial/whatever-page-is-sending-emails
Consider getting a new e-mail account.
Make your own lunch. Go to the grocery store and buy real food! GET UP!!!!
*Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, really good movies and all the other series I usually watch and ENJOY are not included in this condition.
Last visit to the gym: June 25, 2013. No bueno!
OK, limit yourself to 4 -6? just for the weekend!
Do not procrastinate, start soon, deliver ON TIME.
Do NOT OPEN any non-work related web site!
Click on that little red box with the 'x' whenever you dare to open buzzfeed, fastco, google news, yelp, coursera, you know what I mean, close it!
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