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PR 2.0: Merging PR & SM

UWSP PR presentation

Abby Gutowski

on 13 January 2011

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Transcript of PR 2.0: Merging PR & SM

Presented by:
Abby Gutowski, PR + SM Manager, Weidert Group, Inc. PR 2.0: Merging PR and Social Media What is PR 2.0? How public relations integrates
with the technology-heavy business world How is technology changing the profession? Public opinion is becoming more credible Crisis management is more important than ever Traditional PR PR 2.0 What does this mean for businesses? Monitoring online conversations Reach audiences quickly Judged by your online conversations, or lack of What does this mean for PR pros? Using new tools (SMR, blogger relations) You have to be a storyteller Work in real-time Build relationships with all
constituents Importance of search
engine optimization Engagement & participation Case Study: Nestle Case Study: Domino's How can you prepare yourself for
the changing PR profession? 1. Google yourself (get your SM in check)
2. Follow trends & case studies
3. Be a news creator, not just a pitcher
4. Start a blog
5. Attend social media conferences
6. Understand how traditional PR can be leveraged
7. Follow and connect with influentials
8. Read PR & SM books not assigned in class
9. Get a PR internship, or three
10. Love what you do CONNECT WITH ME



flavors.me/abbygutowski 95% of journalists expect
an interactive online newsroom You need to be aware!
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